• Band Reccomendations (Updated January 15th 08) Working Links!

    Jan 18 2008, 4h49 por Unknownfear

    Instructions: The following is a list of the bands of the genre's i like. (Not nessesarily what i like) All have myspaces. Under each band, will be a list of the top 2-7 bands that I know you will like if you like the band named. I don't recomend Slipknot, System Of a Down, Avenged Sevonfold Godsmack or Sevendust. But they will be included anyway. This is still a concept but, I trust this will work pretty well. Feel free to make suggestions and add bands!
    Band a -- Genre
    My Top 5: Band c, Band d, band g, band 8. Band q
    To Navigate to the band you want, use "Control + F" the find comand and type in the band you want. If they are alternative or metal i'll probably have em listed.

    3 Doors Down– Alternative Rock
    The Best Wanna-be-metal band Ever. Now when I refer to 3 doors down, im not talking about Here without you and When im gone. I'm talking about their good shit, the stuff you don't know about and you think you do. These guys are actually really damn good. …
  • Don't make me look into your eyes, I know what it's like to feel hurt inside

    Out 29 2007, 21h05 por ImperfectAngel

    Rise Against
    Billy Talent
    30 Seconds to Mars
    Plain White T's
    The Blackout
    The Strokes
    Spin Doctors
    The Used
    The Damning Well

    01. On his face is a map of the world
    02. I know from the sound of your breathing exactly what you are feeling
    03. I'm just a bad boy with a good reputation
    04. So don't teach me a lesson, Cause I've already learned
    05. Yesterday I lost my closest friend
    06. Set in stone the sun will come, and I hate light, you know I hate light
    07. Has my moment come and passed? I never had the nerve to ask...
    08. And denied the truth to you, just like the truth to me, mostly lied
    09. It takes alot to get home, but it's ok when the light is always on
    10. Why won't you come over here? We've got a city to love
    11. She's a bullet in russian roulette
    12. Don't ask me why, 'cuz I don't know..
    13. A thousand times I've waited, I've burned out
    14. But in time my friend we all will see right through
  • Random GREAT Music

    Jun 2 2007, 16h45 por akuma2636

    I've been listening to quite a lot of western music lately (Well... More than usual)...

    So here are some awesome western music

    Hoobastank - Inside Of You
    I love this song ever since my boyfriend sent it to me, I'm just waiting for him to start singing it when I'm with him... Or vice versa :P...
    What do I have to do to get inside of you, to get inside of you. Cause I love the way you move when I'm inside of you, when I'm inside of you
    So damned dirty! I love it!

    The Damning Well - Awakening
    This song I got from the Underworld soundtrack (Fucking awesome soundtrack if you ask me). Brilliant lyrics, great music. Love that bass!
    I realise that I miss being human
    Vocalist has such a pretty voice! Gah! The bass is sooooo good, it's like pure sex for the ears!

    System of a Down
    Bloody awesome band! I first found them about 5 or so years ago (Man I feel old)... I watched an AMV with Chop Suey as the background music, God it was good... So I found more and more and more and bloody hell they're brilliant!
  • What would this be... "Bottom 40"?

    Mar 3 2007, 0h11 por djwings

    As a dedicated hard-rock listener and Last.fm user, it's my official duty to quit using long words and say:
    You had to see this coming. This is my personal Top 40, but given that most people haven't even heard of Tool, it's probably more like a "bottom 40". Usual Top N rules apply: no bitching about my musical taste, because odds are, it's different than yours, and I don't care. Friendly comments are welcome.

    40. Puscifer- REV 22:20: I just had to put it in there. Shows some mad-l33t 5k11z by Danny Lohner, but not much else.
    39. Stone Sour- Get Inside: Meh. Didn't like it at first, but damn, did it grow.
    38. Tool- Intolerance: Overlooked completely by most Tool fans, but a good song.
    37. The Smashing Pumpkins- Bullet With Butterfly Wings: Believe it or not, I felt sort of disappointed with this song. It's heavy, but not their best.
    36. Wolfmother- White Unicorn: Probably one of the only songs on my playlist in a major key that I actually like.