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The story of The Chasm is one of sheer determination to survive, pure dedication to their art and unflinching single mindedness in the fact of adversity. Not many bands can have experienced what The Chasm has and yet still manage to release, undaunted, so much quality, genuinely adventurous music.

The Chasm was formed in January 1993, in Mexico City. Daniel Corchado left his old band Cenotaph to embark on a dark journey: the procreation of an unique form of obscure… leia mais

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  • Avatar de dark_wisdom
    "that cd reissue is unavailable already" Typical of The Chasm. This band is one of my absolute favourite bands ever, you can't imagine how I adore it, but if there's something I hate from a band is when you have a bad time trying to get some of their stuff. The only CDs I currently own are Procreation of the inner temple reissue on vic records and their "Awaiting the Day of Liberation" demo which costed me a fucking fortune and led me to serious problems. I decided I will never buy anything else of these guys no matter how bad I want it. Their stuff is so fucking expensive and hard to find I simply stopped giving a shit.
  • Avatar de VMTSRPNTS
    A mandatory for every death metal devotee.
  • Avatar de drone_kebab
    By the way, anyone knows what are they up to? I've heard that Viterbo left the band and their last album was released six years ago...
  • Avatar de drone_kebab
    Yes, the remastering of their first three albums was such an excellent idea, not a big fan of remastering classic albums, but those ones definitely needed it.
  • Avatar de nokturnus
    Farseeing... is a fucking masterpiece
  • Avatar de elitist_jerk
    more like old-skull! :D
  • Avatar de npcza
    i like the album art; its old school :>
  • Avatar de versionfiv
    they ought to do a 12" + 7" for deathcult, or 2x10". that cd reissue is unavailable already.
  • Avatar de versionfiv
    woooooow....... hilarious artwork, like Sega Genesis videogame covers. pretty cool band though I am only now discovering these Mexican death metal bands, they sound very genuine and have an interesting melodic sound without being too wimpy.
  • Avatar de CoryellsGhost
    "Mr. Corchado is a true God of Death" [2]

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