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  • battles for the poor, but still cool.
  • The Cast of Cheers made it into my recommended artists of the month, check them and others out, [url=]here[/url].
  • His voice reminds me of Kele from Bloc Party
  • Yesss!! I'm a Marso Sava lover!
  • Is there Marso Sava lovers ?
  • I heard Goose at TGI Friday's the other day, made my day.
  • Like a mathier Foals. So very pleased.
  • Their album is a cracker. Cannot stop listening to it, it's top stuff.
  • Album is a stunner. If you've not heard it, check our review:
  • I'm a human elevator!
  • yep, great!
  • new album--- fantastic
  • Love the album.
  • new album..... eargasmic.
  • Not as instant as Chariot, but a great album nonetheless. The end of Posé Mit is incredible and I really like the new version of Goose.
  • Great album! Posé Mit and Trucks at Night are the best!!!
  • New album is pretty great, hope it does well for them
  • Animals
  • ireland is kicking ass these days.
  • Same. Family is incredible and Animals is still growing one. I expect them to blow up when the album drops.
  • Bloody excited for the new album!
  • Really looking forward to the new album.
  • Family <3
  • Addicted.
  • How are they not "similar" to Bloc Party? I thought it was them when itunes started playing it
  • Feel free to comment on my blog post about The Cast of Cheers
  • Fantastic!!_)
  • great!
  • oh fuck. not sure how i found these guys. but praise carl sagan
  • Family is so awesome!!!
  • Wow Goose got popular, good for them, great band especially live
  • When did Goose get so popular?
  • UK tour dates in January? Fuck yeah! Been waiting ages to see them.
  • Anyone seen them live? Are they a great live-band?
  • I'm Lion *-*
  • Love Goose.
  • bloc party rip off
  • Hello guys! Yesterday was awesome! Gabor
  • enrgry to share!! we want to see you live in Moscow, Russia!!!!!
  • New fan eagerly awaiting album number 2 :) [2]
  • leeds though
  • i second what cat furnance said... COME TO LEEDS!
  • Goose is such a great song.
  • Easily one of my favourite debuts of all time. I have reviewed the album on Little Sparrow Reviews here -
  • Please come and play in Leeds soon. We've had Adebisi Shank, Bats, ASIWYFA and we need you to complete the awesome set.
  • sounds much more like "BATS" than "Adebisi Shank". Still, I quite enjoyed it, specially the guitar. New fan fs :)
  • the main guitar part in 'derp' is sick
  • "i am not your fucking deputy"


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