• the coming week on HUNGRY HILL

    Ago 27 2006, 10h30 por PostEverything

    News from Hungry Hill.

    Now that I've finallly got a weekend not at a festival there are a few things to tell you about this week:

    1. This Thursday, August 31st, The Memory Band will be playing a short live set again at The Local, run by the esteemed Mr Howard Monk, the venue for this is the brand new Big Chill House in Kings Cross in old London Town. Unkle Bob will be playing live too and our good friends from Tunng will be doing a DJ set, if you haven't already checked out their new album Comments Of the Inner Chorus then you really haven't been paying attention. In addition there will be the famous Local pop quiz. It should be a grand night and entrance is free, yes that's right absolutely gratis.

    2. Saturday September 2nd will see us heading back to the West Country for another performance of our live soundtrack to The Wicker Man as part of an evening arranged by the Halloween Society. …
  • Labor Day weekend.

    Set 10 2005, 2h36 por nmichalski2000

    I have no love for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. A lot of people like them, so maybe I'm missing something. I'm pretty sure I've only heard two songs ("Y-Control" and "Maps") by them, so if anyone wants to throw me a recommendation that doesn't suck, email it to me. Much obliged. Oh, before someone bashes me for not liking them, I do think the guitarist seems pretty darn talented. That, and the outro of "Maps" blends well with the intro to Willa Ford's "I Wanna Be Bad", which is an awesome song, especially in headphones. Whoo! I have great taste.

    So, History 629.

    Last Friday, I went to bed quite early in preparation for our journey over the weekend. I'm talking like 7:30 early. Yeah, early. I got up at like 10, and jumped on the computer for a little bit, but for all intents and purposes, I slept well Friday night. We stopped at the Pittsfield Wal*Mart (caffeine pills, thank you Ang) and McD's for last-minute pickups, and didn't get out of the Pitts until about 9:45 Saturday morning. …