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Test Dept foi uma banda de música industrial formada em New Cross, Londres, por músicos desempregados (incluindo Alastair Adams, Paul Jamrozy, Angus Farquhar, Graham Cunnington, Tony Cudlip, Toby Burdon e Paul Hines) de Glasgow, Escócia, para onde a banda mais tarde se relocou. Formada em 1981, eles são aclamados por muitos músicos como um dos grupos mais influentes dos primórdios da música industrial.

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  • With the poverty-paying bosses, rip-off landlords and growing underclass, can't understand why there aren't more politically-active groups like Test Dept around, they should have way more listeners
  • This is becoming more embarrassing than I could have predicted
  • I feel you ketamineface but why you gotta call her such names. I mean really. We should be educating people like that on the industrial way. Industrial is not understood properly by most. They even call it alternative sometimes. huurgk. Sorry! I just threw up in my mouth. Combichrist is incredibly trendy. No offense to them cause I do think they are talented, however, Combichrist....don't call yourselves industrial and we wont have an issue. They are more [tag]mechanical technocracy[/tag] talented but not full on industrial.
  • Redarmada, if you were there and heard the shit that came out her gob you would have thought the same thing mate. Yes, i admit im a cunt sometimes, judging by your comments you are a cunt too. Dont pretend youre indenial of being a bellend.
  • Incredible, ketamineface, what a fucking hero you are. You should write Test Dept. a letter to let them know how you defended their honor. And what's more, I'm sure "some chick" was immensely impressed with your scrub, sexist attitude and whiteboy dreads.
  • I met some chick at an EBM club in London a few months ago. She tried telling me Combichrist were more industrial than Test Dept. I nearly slapped the bitch. I was however, surprised she knew who they were. I don't think my Test Dept. shirt really gave much away. She was also, a dumbass bimbo slut. least she bought me a pint. Honestly how can people be so.....I dunno...I give up.
  • Extreme conditions demand extreme responses.
  • KiwiFlash, do you feel that there is something else that should be discussed here, besides this music, and the political implications of it, which it seems clear Test Dept. thought should be discussed? Or would you rather talk about the weather or something?
  • Oh my it seems all the world's best music critics and politologists have chosen this as their gathering place of choice! How lucky of us all!
  • Yet capitalism strived under fascist regimes. How much of the leftist workers movement was appropriated by fascists ideologues is another question.

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