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Terry Poison is an Israeli electro band. It consists of Sivan 'Petite' Meller (keyboard, vocals), Louise Kahn (lead vocals, guitar), Gili Sa'ar (bass) and Idan 'Bruno' Grife (main producer, computers and synth guitar). Poison herself is a fictional character and is not a member of the band.

Forming in 2003 as the riot grrl duo "Cherry Poison", Israeli-Norse singer Louise Kahn and journalist Noga Netzer had performed only one show before meeting producer Idan "Bruno" Grife.
Now renowned "Terry Poison", Grife had revamped their music to electroclash, and added his then-protégé Sivan "Petite" Meller to the lineup.
Terry Poison had performed extensively in Israel during most of 2004-05 and had released two of their tracks in the 2004 compilation of pioneering Israeli electroclash label "FUT*RE Records" (now defunct).
More personnel changes followed as in the ending of 2005 Netzer had left the band, to be replaced by former-model Gili Sa`ar, who was functioned as the band bass player.
Since 2006, Terry Poison's new lineup is touring extensively throughout Europe, have recorded the successful theme song of Israeli TV program "Life According To Y" (with the lyrics of the poet Roy Arad), released an independent MP3-based EP, and have lately been signed to French label "Ekler'O'Shock" to release their debut vinyl EP "Buzz On The Bell" (2007).
Reinforced with another guitarist, Anna, Terry Poison's new live lineup had performed for more than 5000 audience at the Rock en Seine music festival on August 2007.
With Gili Sa'ar playing a role in the Israeli telenovela "Dolls", the band's song "Buzz On The Bell" has been selected as the show's theme song.
Terry Poison were chosen to warm up Depeche Mode in their first Israeli appearance in Ramat-Gan stadium, on May 10, 2009.

The Debut album "Terry Poison" was released in Israel on Phonokol records, 3 of the albums tracks made it number 3 and 1 on all national radio charts.
Most of the girls in the band are single. One of them is engaged to be married.

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