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  • Avatar de flickermf
    EPIC song and video. Just perfect. [2]
  • Avatar de BlubberQueen
    epic D vid [3]
  • Avatar de MachineAnimal
    EPIC song and video. Just perfect.
  • Avatar de shroomer1999
  • Avatar de Yskewin
  • Avatar de Jothike
    epic D vid [2]
  • Avatar de kocurKas
    epic D vid
  • Avatar de ooan247
  • Avatar de nightswatch
  • Avatar de tammsters
    great song, kick-ass video
  • Avatar de BloodySwisher
    best track off the album
  • Avatar de Maquina_Muerte
    really good song, reminds me a bit of the Zepp, Rainbow, Heep and Purple
  • Avatar de conditionals
    I think this is easily the best "song" the D have ever made. Not the funniest, but definitely the most kick ass.
  • Avatar de BRMExtrEmE
    The fucking D is baaaaaaaaaack!
  • Avatar de DeadX1337
    Rock am Ring \m/
  • Avatar de kmr95
    DAT CHORUS [2]
  • Avatar de Meatwad555
  • Avatar de sevenlee7
    Best song on the album!
  • Avatar de Predelnik
    Now they're fucking progressive!
  • Avatar de Darkmeteor
    They did it, they made their best album yet :)
  • Avatar de mquestionable
    You can get a new Tenacious D tattoo!
  • Avatar de brxc
  • Avatar de Urdnot_Grunt
    best song in the woooorld
  • Avatar de Deadwing
    love the guitar in the chorus!!
  • Avatar de screamin_jesus
    holy shit this is awesome
  • Avatar de samuraibambi
  • Avatar de bleeding-me
    so much better than the "demo version" they played live on that radio... it's the rize of the fenix [...] and the fucking D is back!
  • Avatar de mfrosik
    the fuckin' D is back!!!
  • Avatar de el_bentse
    cant wait to see this masterpiece live
  • Avatar de GXoX
    awesome :D
  • Avatar de ahmedwinchester
    0:0 till 1:50 pure awesome
  • Avatar de HaTeNL
    This is fucking awesome, can't wait for the rest of the album! To the D!
  • Avatar de weemies
    I'm so fucking down with this. How good is that fucking chorus?!
  • Avatar de Danucalov
    a great The Who-esque song!
  • Avatar de Prorok666
    "Elektryczny dynamit!" :D
  • Avatar de r3mus
    Amazing song, let's hope it'll be a hit as they say they're hoping it to be, heh.
  • Avatar de tomthe74
    We'll raiaiaiaiaiaiaize again!
  • Avatar de krypt2nite
    Yes yes
  • Avatar de Messy992
    Waiting for reborn
  • Avatar de paradoxutku
    This song is huge.
  • Avatar de psycho21r
    I will remember this song.

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