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  • Avatar de Chefmate989
    why cant i listen to the track i selected??? Lastfm blows
  • Avatar de bashsendant
    Atari Blitzkrieg releases his latest project, the SNES soundtrack inspired 'Super.' Each track utilizes a sample from various SNES games. - More info on my page or check us at
  • Avatar de Nagsworth
    Zelda: Link To The Past / Never Scared mashup is the best tune... Maybe one of the best hip hop tunes I have ever heard, and I don't even like the original. Perfect juxtapositon.
  • Avatar de abajeeba
    I could listen to Doom/FF mashups for like three albums worth of music
  • Avatar de fedtodeath
    'that drug rug/gucci mane track is ill. reallly suprised its not in the top.' (2) - So good wow.
  • Avatar de lucienknows
    I just noticed team teamwork is in my all-time top 20 most listened to artists...
  • Avatar de JDest
    What dhaostherapper said. An Earthbound approach would be neat.
  • Avatar de Moochu2
    this shit is ballinnnn
  • Avatar de NiggaFish
    this is great
  • Avatar de Anticitizenone_
    lol what the fuck this guy made me nostalgia hard

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