• Hello world...

    Mai 29 2006, 3h42 por Sixthsomatic

    Woo, first journal entry!

    Music related is the topic eh...Well, if theres one thing thats for certain, is that anyone who digs drum and bass should check out So Much Waste, a mix by Velocian. It's ridiculously good, featuring the likes of Black Sun Empire, Logistics, Unknown Error, Task Horizon, Accela and many others.

    Outside of the dnb box, Placebo's latest offering, Meds, has been dominating my listening. One could say I'm addicted (insert pun here). I'd have to say the only track that I don't really care for is Follow The Cops Back Home, which doesn't have much holding power beyond the giggle-inducing chorus.

    More to come, all in due time. Now its time to sleep.