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Existe uma ambiguidade com relação ao nome artístico "Tank", primeiramente temos o Tank, grupo de Heavy Metal da NWOBHM e também temos o Tank, nome artístico de Durrel Babbs. Partindo de uma premissa cronológica vemos que o primeiro Tank é o pertencente a NWOBHM.

Tank é uma banda do NWOBHM formada em 1980 na Inglaterra (London) por Alasdair “Algy” Mackie Ward (baterista, vocalista) influenciado especialmente por Motörhead. Tank é uma mistura de Punk com Heavy Metal, trazendo um pouco da… leia mais

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  • thanks, i wish they were a bit more professional about the whole thing
  • @Psycho: Here's one:
  • @MusicForLlamas well paints a different picture, i never pay attention to interviews and such, i knew they split up because algy was sick but not that Trucker and Evans were behaving in such a disrespectful way. Could you post a few links to interviews of them disrespecting algy?
  • - R&B singer. - British Heavy Metal band formed in 1980 by Algy Ward. - Electronic / House / Trance artist duo from Germany.
  • @Psyscho I'm not comparing them by the quality of their music (I can see why some dislike the last album by Algy, and Trucker/Evans do make decent music), it's because not only they use the Tank name without Algy's approval, but they also try to disrespect him (Trucker reffered to him in an interview as just "some guy", etc.). And since they do this while Algy is unable to perform due to health reasons, that makes it even more disgusting (it's like if Mikey Dee and Phil Campbell would've continued Motörhead after the death of Lemmy, fucking unethical). Plus Algy founded the band in the first place, so there's that They took the band's name from the sick bastard, and then act like they made the band what it is.
  • "Tank (with Algy Ward) > R'n'B Tank >>>>>>> Trucker/Evans fake metal tank" Have you listened to Breath of the Pit? Even though i deeply respect Algy it's pretty bad. Of course Trucker/Evans Tank doesn't have the vibe of the old stuff and sounds different, but the only thing you can reproach them is that they continued using the name. If you ignore that they are pretty awesome
  • Sex Love & Pain II ♥
  • No place here to "Tank (band). Tank is a British heavy metal band, formed in 1980 by Algy Ward, a former member of The Damned. The band is known as part of the New Wave of British Heavy"
  • Tank (with Algy Ward) > R'n'B Tank >>>>>>> Trucker/Evans fake metal tank
  • Tank is not arapper, he is a R&B/pop singer.

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