• Talking Heads Demos! 1975!

    Mai 10 2006, 16h06 por freakette

    so the first track is, obv... Psycho Killer
    its faster! this I like. the 'fa-fa-fa's arent quite so good though. Byrne doesnt sound as confident as he usually does. Alternative Verse lyrics!! yey! but theres still "ooooohhh, ayaayayy" just before the french bit, and "ayayayay" after!! its so cool that before he'd finished the lyrics hed decided on what little noises he'd make :D

    next... Sugar on My Tongue
    how is this not on an album!?
    I think its the pervy Byrne-Rapist in me that likes this song so much. "gimme gimme gimme some..." ohh gladly mr. Byrne... but it is fucking awesome as well. is that the bassline from psycho killer's chorus I hear? or at least a rudimentary version of it, in parts. plus the idea of putting sugar on someones tongue... I just like it. its so... I dunno, it just appeals to my pervy side. I really need to find a polished version.

    Awww, byrnes little shy voice introducing "uhh, thnkyoufrsndingmeanangel" or Thank You for Sending Me an Angel