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  • HAHAHA they didn't save your life! If anything they should have made you want to kill yourself even faster
  • Dude its so hard to Tag a band now a days. Some of T.B.S. are semi-punkish but yet again, they are a mix of alot of things. Back in the day you can walk into Virgin and ask for the Alternative section and find kick ass bands but now... you ask for Alternative and you find a mix and match of crap there. All that I am saying, Tagging a band by Emo, Punk, Alternative, and Rock are now e-relevan
  • Matt Fazzi (Tragedy Andy, Facing New York) is the new TBS guitarist/vocalist.
  • whoever tagged this punk is sorely, sorely mistaken
  • You're so last summer omggggggggggg *flicks hair*
  • LOVE TBS!!!!!!
  • show @ crazy donkey was ill yesterday...matt fazzi is really good too
  • Matt Fazzi from east San Jo! So stoked.
  • New guitarist/back-up vocalist is...Matt Fezzi from Facing New York.
  • They're playing a secret show tomorrow in Farmingdale, NY under the name Lance Striker and the Rockoholics where they'll reveal the new guitarist and hopefully will play some new tracks.
  • By the way, Acid_Ferret, you should try flamming in Aiden's profile, its better in there xD
  • For god's sake! Grant's in here too... What is he, the defender of the emo-gays?
  • you gotta love long island bands
  • Taking Back Sunday saved my life!
  • People should decide what title fits for MakeDamnSure.... it would be top listened in all categories if people agreed, by a long way. Taking Back Sunday in August!!!
  • mmm that burns with irony, the devil wears prada. parkway drive.
  • probably one of the first alternative band i really got into. tell all your friends is a greaaaaat album :) <33
  • yeah but not on you.
  • wow wth likes taking back sunday, honestly?!
  • i'm sure he gives a toss what you think.
  • if you watch some of the videos from the Louder Now dvd on youtube, it sounds amazing
  • has his days, sometimes he's fucking horrible, some days he's fine.
  • Adam can't sing live
  • Bonus Mosh Part II doesn't get nearly enough play. This song is amazing.
  • cute without the e <3
  • <3
  • I don't think you're in any kind of position to say anything with a Devil Wears Prada display pic.
  • Best Track: Error: Operator
  • witty.
  • right
  • wrong
  • all the 15 year old kids say right take your adolescent skidmarks elsewhere
  • love em
  • right
  • wrong.
  • They need to make a new album that's like a combination of their first two albums. Something like Tell all your friends where you are going to be. Louder now was not their best.
  • ...and will you tell all of your friends, you have your gun to my head?
  • notes from the past-feck off thats is just victory records squeezing money out of two albums, get a grip and get their proper albums.
  • cute without the e is by far the best song by them
  • i prefer their old stuff, but i will listen to just about everything by them. as in,i listen all the way through notes from the past by summer is by far my favourite song.
  • i rate them 15's and must not be listened to by people under the age of 15
  • liar
  • So, in what order would you take all of TBS' albums and rate them?
  • I'm going to become rich and famous after i invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.
  • at rettalexis its because everyone ballses up the correct name for the song. If they didn't it would be pretty much first
  • i can't understand why set phasers to stun is not the first!! this song is awesome!i can't stop listen to it
  • wow theirs a new member WHO IS IT??? love taking back sunday fucken rock
  • There's one word for justification: Fred Mascherino. Okay, were two. :)
  • wow JoeSmith you've really justified your cause there.....


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