• Swing Out Sister

    Jun 19 2008, 11h48 por fmera

    Swing Out Sister is a British pop musical group best known worldwide for their 1986 hit single Breakout.

    The group presently comprises Andy Connell (born Andrew John Connell, Jul 26, 1961, Nottingham; keyboards) and Corinne Drewery (born Sep 21, 1959, Nottingham; vocals), though it began as a trio in the United Kingdom. The group was initially formed by Connell and Martin Jackson (drums), in 1985 who were later joined by Drewery. The group's name came from a 1945 movie called Swing Out, Sister, and they reportedly chose the name because there was only one thing they could agree on: they all hated it! Both Connell and Jackson had been playing in other bands prior to forming SOS, while Drewery was actually a fashion designer and model before she became the band's lead vocalist.

    It's Better To Travel (1987, debut album)
    Together with their producer, Paul Staveley O'Duffy, they signed with Mercury Records Limited. Prior to their first album, they released the single Blue Mood in the UK in November 1985. …
  • Weekend With My Girlfriend

    Nov 18 2006, 13h00 por Bisma

    This weekend I spent my time hangout with my girlfriend in Bandung. Cuz I arrived in Bandung late (around 11 pm), we didnt spent much time together today because she had to work. My girlfriend work as Music Director and announcer. And unfortunately for me, one of her schedule is every saturday night each week. Tonight she host a radio show called "Classic Clubs" playing 70's, 80's and early 90's pop and dance musics.
    As usual, everytime I happen to be in Bandung I wait for her in her workplace while she host the show. And for tonight I personally request song La La (Means I Love You). Nice catchy song for couple spending time together :)