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  • It's weird that they changed their sound so much on that final 7". The guitar work sounds like something from a shitty 90s Victory metalcore band - no fast parts at all. Too bad.
  • "In Shame" is so cathartic. The crazy vocals completely put it over the top. You have to be genuinely pissed to sound that vehement.
  • RIP.
  • What?! @Spartannn - are you saying the EP with I never knew on it is shit??
  • alright it wasnt exciting. but those 2 LPs make up for it so i will forgive them
  • vvvvvvv
  • They put out an S/T 7" but it isn't good
  • wait theres a new 7"? ok i gotta find this
  • what the fuck is this band doing? i see some april dates at least. new music come on!
  • Did this band break up or something?
  • i just came
  • So damn good [2]
  • I can appreciate this, great tunes dudes....
  • So damn good
  • EP of the year? Swamp Thing and Expire! Both incredible...
  • these guys are fucking good! its raw and pissed off.
  • are they actually edgefags?
  • fuck, this are some vocals!
  • Can only listen to this band when I'm really mad. Tonight is one of those nights.
  • on the top
  • fuck, the new 7" is brilliant!
  • I LOVE the 7''!
  • The new 7" is kinda' lame, tbh
  • all their stuff is pretty awesome.
  • Are you kidding me? In Shame is fucking awesome
  • So catchy and so pissed.
  • Similiar artists are so good
  • Naysayer? Awful? Fuck off.
  • Thee very best.
  • Guy who implied Mother Of Mercy are awful is an idiot
  • New 7 is so hard [5]
  • i prefer 'in shame', sounded more pissed to me.
  • new EP has it. just sayin
  • New 7 is so hard. [3]
  • Similiar artists are so awful.
  • what everybody else is saying. i approve. real good
  • New 7 is so hard. [2]
  • new ep is making me cum hard
  • New 7 is so hard.
  • New EP rules.
  • Thrash Magazine just posted a review of the new 7", you can check it out here: Let us know what you think.
  • New song is pretty good, not great though.
  • fuuuuuuuu the new song is so heavy
  • vv check the new song, this will be the sickest material to date imo
  • Get at cali, bro
  • Oh, yeah, The Youth Is Sick does rule.
  • Richmond Hardcore At its finest!
  • you're fucking done BACK TO SQUARE ONEE
  • the youth is sick fucking rules so uh yeah


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