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  • Avatar de sickboymethud
  • Avatar de BLAAAAARGH
    Обожаю их звучание
  • Avatar de nandosiol
    Killer performance at Coachella
  • Avatar de levitate85
    Superchunk features in our weekly round up of the newest single releases:
  • Avatar de trashcity_
    Everybody dance now
  • Avatar de pdmelis
    I hate music, but I love Superchunk. [2]
  • Avatar de Nnandosiol
    One of the greatest greats. New album rules. What a consistent band. [2]
  • Avatar de bigbadapplejax
    I hate music, but I love Superchunk.
  • Avatar de Timothy21121993
    Me and you and a dog named boo
  • Avatar de diehappyx33
    One of the greatest greats. New album rules. What a consistent band.
  • Avatar de bullfroggreen
    On 'Majesty Shredding,' to me, Mac's vocals sounded older and more rough. On this new one, I feel like Mac's voice sounds just as good as it did from the start. Does anyone else feel this way?
  • Avatar de seezoochang
    Superchunk / I Hate Music - loveletter to what i love
  • Avatar de TehSpiral
    haven't listened to these guys in a minute, they used to be one of my faves back in the day. Great new album, but have they ever really made a bad record?
  • Avatar de davechen
    Happy I Hate Music Day, y'all!
  • Avatar de theJASONagency
    still so fucking good
  • Avatar de whateveralesme
    after all these years, they still kick ass
  • Avatar de Nnandosiol
    New album is great , Me & You & Jackie Mittoo is awesome
  • Avatar de bullfroggreen
    Listening to new album now! Cannot wait til my Vinyl comes in!
  • Avatar de biochip
    New album is great! :)
  • Avatar de TomH86
    fuck yeaaaa
  • Avatar de stillrise
    crossed wires video is amazing ^_^
  • Avatar de hermanator05
    just heard new single "FOH" via [url=]spotify[/url] and i'm very pleased and exponentially more antsy for this whole album.
  • Avatar de hijacktheparade
    New album announced:
  • Avatar de Mstrstrummer
    Superchunk <3
  • Avatar de exeter232
    I am late to the Superchunk game, but I fallen hard for these hard rockers. Now they are coming to my town on June 19th. "Hello Boss?, I need the day off...I'm dying" To see Superchunk!
  • Avatar de BossaQuest
  • Avatar de Coolbutlame
    I almost feel like more recent stuff by these guys pick up where Weezer's Pinkerton left off.
  • Avatar de FluorescentARMY
    The album Come Pick Me Up is pretty tight, never thought I'd dig it.
  • Avatar de alecsbrito_
    divertidissimo o clipe de crossed wires.
  • Avatar de LiveBootlegs
    Superchunk - Live @ Underground, Gothenburg, Sweden, 15-02-1996
  • Avatar de arcade_water
    wow :O
  • Avatar de BearPolar
    North Carolina ftw [2]
  • Avatar de Shannonline
    "where is the best place to start with this band ? " ..On The Mouth>Here's To Shutting Up>Here's Where The Strings Come In>[the rest]
  • Avatar de Psiloocybe
    Come to Argentina Please... PLEASEEEEE
  • Avatar de nzstars
    Precision Auto :)
  • Avatar de TrueMithrandir
    there are some days all I want to do is listen to a nonstop marathon of Superchunk...
  • Avatar de rewinddude
    thanks a bunch, really liking it
  • Avatar de talkloud
    start with majesty shredding. it's hard to dislike. after that i'd personally recommend here's where the strings come in, on the mouth, and no pocky for kitty
  • Avatar de rewinddude
    where is the best place to start with this band ?
  • Avatar de diehappyx33
    A band with a pretty much flawless discography.
  • Avatar de ghostsoma
    life is the art that you make
  • Avatar de muteoff
    this fucking band...
  • Avatar de YorkNew
    "This summer" is a great song.
  • Avatar de eighteenforever
    @hydeist, yes
  • Avatar de luckystoned
    love superchunk :)
  • Avatar de hermanator05
    pretty super and chunky
  • Avatar de Browais
    I fucking love this band
  • Avatar de jason2097
    i can never decide which version of learned to surf is better
  • Avatar de bullfroggreen
    My Favorite American band EVER! ...only 2nd to The Boo Radleys (world-wide) : )
  • Avatar de diehappyx33
    And from your window you sing some unbelievable things.


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