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  • O))))))))))) O))))))))))) O))))))))))) O))))))))))) O))))))))))) O))))))))))) O))))))))))) O))))))))))) O)))))))))))
  • Cool
  • The show last night at Folk, Stay out West, Gothenburg, was nothing short of BRILLIANT!! And you guys were so nice and pleasant to work with both Pre and Post gig. Thank you so very much for a day and gig I’ll never forget!
  • >AtmosphericPhil Да не то слово.
  • сходившие, ну че, вас расплющило?
  • факин осом шоу
  • pics from this tour:
  • I sat and decayed on their concert yesterday in Moscow.
  • Dreams come true! Thanks for moscow show
  • Insane live!
  • Крутейший был концерт сегодня. Они смогли.
  • Saw them today in Berlin. It was so fucking loud, that kind of loud that's almost beyond pain level. And yeah, smoke everywhere. Amazing.
  • Saw them in Ilosaarirock, they flooded the entire fucking tent with smoke. It was like the entire audience was floating amidst a giant cloud.
  • Проходил мимо их выступления на dour - музыка показалась заунылой.
  • If someone was on them concert pls write a review
  • хек х)
  • are they still playing with Atilla? I'm going to see them at David Byrne's Meltdown in London, should I expect more drone-y stuff or throat singing, tibetian horns etc?
  • yup they were definetly something i've never experienced ever live, mindblowing
  • I'm a big fan of both Sunn O))) and Scott Walker but the collaboration between the two didn't do a whole lot for me. It was neither as appealing as Scott Walker's recent(-ish, given that he puts out records maybe twice a decade generally) work nor Sunn's. I can say with some degree of certainty that I'll never get the urge to listen to it ever again. Bring on the new, proper Sunn full length and something new from Walker.
  • @andover Yeah, that makes sense. They are playing second fiddle to Scott, but you kind of have to expect that with a singer that has so much gravitas.
  • Finally saw them live. It was very weird. I absolutely loved it.
  • Уу...Drone Doom мне лучше вообще никогда не слушать больше. Такая ерунда оказалась на самом деле, а вначале думал, что понравятся они мне.
  • I like this band a lot
  • Looking forward to getting my face blown off when i see them live next month.
  • Hui.
  • New album in the works!
  • Haven't heard all of soused but I like what I have heard so far. It's more a Scott album than Sunn apparently, so that'll explain why Scott fans are more into it.
  • (((((((Ó
  • So are you guys just gonna ignore the Scott Walker collaboration? A lot of Scott fans seem to like it but I'm guessing Sunn O))) fans don't?!?!
  • o
  • ))(())((
  • O((((
  • )))
  • )))
  • )))
  • )))
  • O)))
  • O)))utstanding band.
  • )))
  • ((( frontal lobe woble )))
  • )))
  • полное погружение -1000м)))
  • same thing Atmospheric?
  • those are not bootlegs, those are fan-made live recordings.
  • i feel bad for the people who think this band sounds like a fridge. not because "they don't get it" but because if their fridge sounds like sunn o))) it's probably possessed by the dark lord or filled with bees or something equally horrible. my fridge sounds like a fridge.
  • They have uploaded more than 60 bootlegs to their bandcamp
  • BO))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))W
  • *hand claw to the sky*
  • OFF Festival Katowice 2015, Poland. It's only 70 days left!


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