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Stevie Ray Vaughan

Scuttle Buttin' (4:40)


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  • pure genius
  • Le Dieux est de retour !!!!!!!!!!!! j'aime
  • mean azz track
  • I never imagined a song could produce a violent projectile ejaculation, but then I heard this.
  • One of my favorite songs ever. If I ever need inspiration this track does if for me every time.
  • The skillfully build songs that are deceptively light but in fact contain real depth and texture, the layers of cleverly programmed sounds successfully contrasting and complementing in equal measure. New sounds, fresh harmonies, warm, unusual and beguiling.
  • The real thing - electric blues!
  • Very interesting shouts. Eric admitted he had to have a formal start middle and end to his leads. (listen to sunshine of your love for an obvious example) SRV loosened Eric's ass (so to speak) Eric learned how to let if flow from SRV to be sure.
  • Clapton was touring with SRV to get the feel for playing real blues. Clapton was learning.. The master was SRV
  • Eric Clapton said Stevie Ray never "dried up" when he soloed; he just kept going, riffing as if he had endless inspiration... wow, high praise from a master.
  • uno delos mejores definitivamente
  • Sooooooo flippin' awesome!
  • This makes the work day so much more tolerable
  • Guitar God
  • always got time for stevie ray
  • Best guitar player......EVER. Hands down. He was a God. Too bad it wasn't Bon Jovi on the plane instead of Stevie. R.I.P.
  • attempt to tackle this tune at your own risk. Guitar Playin' Advanced Class. :D
  • year
  • My heart broke when he died. May his music live on 4ever!! Share him with everyone.
  • just simply amazing. love this performance:
  • he got the six....strings ;-D
  • this is not human srv
  • Fender in full technicolour . . . . . We have a guitarist here in South Africa called Dan Patlansky and if you close your eyes, then you would swear that Stevie was on stage.
  • SRV baby.
  • Woooaaagh......great stuff
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 0 0 0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A true guitar god !!!!!he has more talant in one finger than most have in there whole family...... He is missed
  • Get down with it, Stevie, get it! get it! One in a million, lucky to have him while he was here. R.I.P. Mr. Vaughn, keep the angels dancing!
  • Page does some blues? 95% blues maybe 90% SRV blows him away
  • cried like a baby when i heard the dreadful news R.I.P. stevie
  • KXZ
    Hail the Master's magnum opus.
  • Comparing Page and Vaughan is dumb. They are two different guitarist who do different styles. Vaughan is almost all blues where Page does some blues influenced solos but does other types as well. Both are great in their own right.
  • i love the '85 montreux appearance where he comes on stage and simply drops everybodys jaw with this one
  • That might be, but Page is miles ahead of Stanley ¦¬)
  • And he was better guitar player than Page ;)
  • Great blues solo ;] Great musician. Respect for him

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