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  • "I'd like to light a cigarette but I cannot..." Yea I know that feeling
  • If Alanis Morrissette had sang this, it be a huge hit...but don't fret Stevie W., you are a genius none the less.
  • His work worthy of the most steadfast attention among fans of intellectual music.
  • very cheerful song, makes me wanna kill myself. thank you, stevie.
  • All that matters disappeared when I lost you. Sometimes our favorite artists speak for ourselves
  • Very beautiful. This man is genius! ♥
  • I feel the vibe harkens back to Lightbulb Sun...very warm and fuzzy
  • How does he do it? [2]
  • Horribly dull.
  • Beautiful.
  • Right in the feels
  • Insanely beatiful.
  • So sad, yet so beautiful... <3
  • Wonderful.
  • Bam, I'm dead.
  • This could be on Lightbulb Sun. It fits!
  • What the hell, it's so goddamn... Wow, not even a word to say, haha.
  • puts the "no" back in techno!
  • 3:24, Calvin Harris outta' nowhere
  • Steven proves that a pen is,sometimes, mightier than a sword...
  • Steven, sei un figo.
  • How does he do it?
  • Beautiful, but very sad.
  • Really nice song
  • "I'm the one you always seem to read about The light inside my eyes has long gone out There's nothing left for me to say or do 'Cause all that matters disappeared when I lost you " I think this song is dedicated to his father who passed away a couple of months before the release of GFD.
  • Hoe vertaal je " tussen kunst en kitsch" :)
  • lyrics don't matter, could you imagine Tenhi singing in english it would suck
  • The lyrics have a ABBA (Cover Version II) feel to it.
  • I could imagine Jonsi on vocals.
  • Haunting.
  • amazing song...
  • Holy crap! NO MORE CAPITALS!
  • This is too good.
  • this song is like a knife right to the heart, breathtaking...
  • Omggg this brought tears to my eye...
  • Everything about this song is powerful. I for one love the bluntness of the lyrics.They emphasize the fact that the character singing the song just simply has lost the will to live and doesn't care about being poetic about it anymore. I especially love the last line, followed by the instrumental bit with a chorus. Gives me the image of a man committing suicide by falling off of a building or something to that effect. When a song is able to give you a vivid narrative picture, you know it's good.
  • i wonder how much clear channel paid him for this one
  • Capitals? Really??
  • I like the lyrics but the music itself simply sucks for me.
  • I love everything about this song, but I hate that idiots don't let people come with negative criticism. Are you people that close minded and weak? Does someone else's opinion have to compete with your own? NO! It's just two different opinions. Who said that the positive one is worth more. Please, don't be such assholes. I can see that some phrases in these lyrics are very cliché, but my lengthy relationship with steven somehow let's me see through it. Beautiful Pop!
  • Can anybody please fix the capital letters. It looks so weird...
  • What an intense song. The vocals and lyrics are delivered so honestly. This is why I listen to music. (x2)
  • Beautiful song. I love the lyrics. I'm not usually one for lyrics, but this is different.
  • Lyrics matter more to some people than others, I know that if a song has awful lyrics I find it very hard to listen to. I like to be able to connect to the lyrics in a song or at least understand what the artist is trying to get across. Lyrics have different effects on us, why lampoon a guy for saying that he doesn't like these ones? Grow up.
  • I'm not saying you don't have the right to state your opinion (a lot of people seem to think that way, though), but I honestly have no idea how simply having bad lyrics could possibly even come close to ruining a song. If you don't like it, that's your business, but lyrical content seems to be a pretty shallow reason.
  • ''so who cares how good or bad the lyrics are?'' Hmm, like vaguely everyone in this shoutbox except for you? What's the point of shouts/message boards anyway if you're only allowed to utter consentient/'positive' thoughts?
  • I don't get how have depressive lyrics = emo = adolescent. I'm pretty sure adults feel like shit too. That aside, the song is beautiful anyway, so who cares how good or bad the lyrics are?
  • cant you just STFU about how bad or good the lyrcs are and just listen to the music? why does somebody always have to complain?? just be pleased that SW did something new, and you can listen to it...or write your own music...or just listen to another band....jesus
  • yes. so. good.
  • I don't think there's anything adolescent about writing about the banality of life and lack of purpose. If anything, this song is about getting older. The lyrics are expressed as a stream of consciousness, so I guess that's what you don't like.


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