• Emotional...

    Mai 30 2009, 15h25 por Lindalicious

    Today was a day of some MAYJAH sensitivity on my part, mostly because some people at work were being noticeably cold towards me, which totally led to me almost bursting into tears on the job (waittressing and what-not).

    I always have a song playing in my head. Always. A song that relates to how I'm feeling or just a song playing in my head for no particular reason. My song of the day is "Out Here On My Own" from Fame, because I felt that I could relate to the feelings of loneliness and yearning in which the song reflected. There was also a note of glimmering hope in the song which comforted me quite a bit.

    As soon as I finished work, I went to the back/store room and just sang (Out Here On My Own) and it felt GOOOOD. You could call it a "vocal release". Music just rocks. Music IS therapy.

    In the lyrics of Steph Jones, "The world is painted black and white and the music is the colour."

    I couldn't agree more with him.Steph Jones