• A little late but meh.

    Mai 27 2008, 17h04 por talflick

    So, I'm sure you've all read about my various misadventures with my best friend, Shane, at our first ever Beautiful noise live taping, seeing The Constantines and my all-time favourite band ever, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, but, little did you possibly know, that I also saw two amazing bands only two days after what may have been one of the best Ted concerts of my life. If you check out this page... , you'll find out about the Islands and Stars concert I saw with one of my good concert-going pals, Nathan.

    Basically, the concert was amazing, though, I had a rough start to the day, and I will always remember this. I was flipping out and grabbed an empty CD case for In Our Bedroom After the War and my Set Yourself on Fire CD, which wasn't as empty, and had to go play a gig in Welland for the Chamber of Commerce. Charity Auction. Anyway, I got lost trying to find the damn place, ended up showing up juts as we were about to play, and the directions I used to get lost originally, were the same ones that Nathan used to pick me up. …

    Abr 24 2008, 7h08 por samisamazing

    I just got back from seeing Stars at the Boulder Theatre in Boulder, Colorado, otherwise known as Mer. 23 avr. – Stars (hell yes, first in line, although I did forfeit my spot to a lovely fellow Baxter, who I subsequently gave my Pay It Forward wristband to) and holy fuck, it was pure brilliance. They are without a doubt the greatest (well, at least the most favoured by me) band to have ever shared sound upon my ears [I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but I'm going with it].

    I'm surprised that more people didn't show, because though the room was full it was by no means packed, but for those who did come (and I commend you all !) it was a pretty breath-taking and scream-enacting experience. The opening act was Basia Bulat, who had an absolutely fantastic voice. Then, after much stage re-prep, the first "Star" that came on the stage to adjust his instrument before the actual band came out was Chris Seligman... my friend claims that I just about had a heart attack... he was probably right.
  • Stars @ Mousonturm, Frankfurt - 10.02.08

    Fev 11 2008, 23h17 por derfizzer

    So., 10. Feb. – Stars, Apostle of Hustle

    Der Frankfurter Mousonturm ist gut gefüllt, das Publikum erfreulich bunt gemischt. Im Eingangsbereich versteckt sich unter der Treppe ein kleiner Merchstand, an dem neben einem Kissenbezug, einer Halskette und nicht besonders schönen T-Shirts auch CDs für günstige 10 Euro verkauft werden. Da die angekündigten Apostle of Hustle aus unbekannten Gründen ihre Rolle als Support heute nicht einnehmen können, dürfen für eine knappe halbe Stunde zwei vermutlich recht unvorbereitete Tourbegleiterinnen der Stars an ihre Stelle treten.
    Nach einer kurzen Pause ist es dann gegen 22 Uhr soweit, die sechs Musiker der in Kanada beheimateten Band betreten die einladend mit Blumen dekorierte Bühne. Da Sängerin Amy Millan gesundheitlich angeschlagen und dadurch etwas zurückhaltender ist, scheint Kollege Torquil Campbell anfangs die Energie von zwei Leuten versprühen zu wollen, und so verpasst er dann auch während der ersten Songs…
  • mmmmmmmmmm/

    Jun 26 2006, 12h14 por missmiumiu

    this song calmed me down...and i wanna find a lover of my own when i was imersed in the song.../