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Sororicide was founded early 1990 by Gisli (bass/vocals) and Gaui (guitar). To begin with they played heavy thrash metal but soon evolved into death metal. The first gig was in June the same year, but it wasn't until the band won a national band contest in 1991, under the name Infusoria, that they started to get noticed. Soon after they changed the name back to Sororicide and autumn 1991 saw the band enter the studio.

The Entity was released… leia mais

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  • You guys are all hipsters.
  • best death metal from iceland, ever.
  • A really good death metal band from Iceland.
  • pretty good!
  • if you want to hear more bands in this style check out [artist]Cerekloth[/artist] I could've sworn I had written that already.
  • because they're from iceland, idiot. if they were from scandinavia or mainland europe it would be a different story. it was all very regional back then, there was no netwebs myspace lastfm to spread your music. there was tape trading and playing shows and drinking with friends.
  • you're right
  • Finding old gems like The Entity just makes my fucking day. Why these guys didn't get more recognition is beyond me, they definitely had the potential to be one of the best OSDM bands. Hell, even still, The Entity is some of the best OSDM I've heard in a long time. Dark, doomy, skull crushing, riiiiifffsss *drools* and it has an unbelievably sinister atmosphere (something more than half of modern death metal bands lack.)
  • Went to Cambridge to see the screening of 'Return to Nuke 'Em High' at a legit theatre. There was a character wearing a Sororicide shirt in the movie. I mentally gave that good man a brofist.
  • How is he trolling if he likes the band, but doesn't find a $2000 price tag warranted? I don't give a fuck how much I like a band, that's an outrageous price. Even if I had that kind of disposable income to regularly spend on old, rare lps... it's not like the band is seeing those proceeds anyway. --- Stop acting like you're a 12 year old girl and someone just insulted Justin Bieber, TheArtistBox.

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