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Sore Throat formed in 1987 as a crust punk, hardcore punk, and grindcore act. They are known as one of the first bands to give rise to and play in the style of "noisecore". Though now largely forgotten, they were a key part of the hardcore/grindcore movement of the mid-late 1980s in the United Kingdom and were commonly known for their "we don't fucking care" attitude, harsh humour and mockery in their music about other contemporary bands and society. They were sometimes seen as a parody band and a drunk political punk band. They were also one of the first bands to heavily incorporate samples in their music.

The band contained and promoted a very confrontational ideal. They went on to mock such things in the scene as Nazis, capitalism, the straight edge movement, and even openly taunted and mocked such bands as Napalm Death, The Sex Pistols, Suicidal Tendencies, and DRI. They often chose to point out what they believed was wrong with the current punk scene and would openly scorn those not to their ideals of what punk was.

In 1988 they released their album Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid. A cacophony of noise that contained over-the-top guitar distortion, blast beats, screams, grunts, and a myriad of sound samples. At the release of the record, Sore Throat can be seen as one of the earliest examples of a clear defined version of "noisegrind". Though the album's A side contained a large portion of then brutal music, the B side contained more doom inspired punk, a la Amebix.

Their 1989 release, Never Mind the Napalm… Here's Sore Throat, saw the band back to their crust punk roots. And upon future releases the band would often change their names with slight variations, including such things as “Soar Throat” and “Saw Throat”. The band broke up in 1990 due to internal conflicts amongst its members.

Singer Rich "Militia" Walker went on to play in Epic Metal bands Solstice and Isen Torr, and other hardcore bands like Wartorn, Warfear, Discontrol, Nailbomb and Harmony As One all of whom released records in the early 1990s. He currently runs his own label The Miskatonic Foundation. Guitar player Brian Talbot played in bands like Doom, Virtual Reality and Bug Eyed, and Stoner rock bands Lazarus Blackstar and Khang. Drummer Paul 'Hammy' Halmshaw is the founder of Peaceville Records.


Official releases
Aural Butchery demo (1987)
Death to Capitalist Hardcore EP (also known as self-titled EP) (1987)
Noise Annoys demo (1988)
Unhindered by Talent LP/cassette (1988)
Disgrace to the Corpse Of Sid LP/CD (1988)
Inde$troy LP/CD (the band went under Saw Throat for this release)
Never Mind the Napalm… MLP/cassette (European edition: 60 tracks, USA edition: 16 tracks) (1989)
Soar Throat EP (the band went under the name Soar Throat for this release) (1989)
And We Don't Care CD (1989)
Poison Idea/No Handle Beer demo (two Poison Idea covers and one original track) (1989)

Compilations featuring Sore Throat
A Vile Peace LP (Peaceville) 1987
Fuck EMI LP (Catalog#:SEEP 2) 1989
The Histyrical Years CD(Manic Ears) 1990
Vile Vibes MC/CD (Peaceville) 1990
Grindcrusher LP (Earache) 1991
Six Ways 7" (Komista) 1991
Spleurk LP (Meantime)
Summertime Sampler 7" Flexi (Skateboard magazine)
Volnitza LP (1 In 12 Records)
77not666 00:18, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

Bootleg albums
Abraham's Ear 7" EP (Aural Butchery demo re-released plus bonus live tracks)
Bombmakers Delight 7" EP (live)
Death to Capitalist Hardcore EP (bootlegged 3 times with red/black sleeve)
Death to Capitalist Grindcore LP
Death to Capitalist Thrashcore LP
F.O.A.D. studio/live LP (first half of this release is Rich's post-Sore Throat band Sludgelord)
Algo Que Nunca Fue CD
Encerrado En El Trago CD
Never Mind the Napalm… CD
Disgrace to the Corpse Of Sid CD (the copy from Japanese label Toy's Factory)

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