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Sophie B. Hawkins

As I Lay Me Down (4:38)


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  • I had completely forgotten about his song until Community had her on. Thanks, television show! [2]
  • I had completely forgotten about his song until Community had her on. Thanks, television show!
  • Abeds favorite ;)
  • Yeah, every option to play "As I lay me down" is the wrong song. I'm extremely frustrated right now...
  • I remember this song from my elementary school days...good times. :-)
  • Today I found this song - 17 years after I first heard it. Happy =)
  • i love it
  • Wrong song but also one of my favs :)
  • This is "Mysteries we understand", not "As I Lay Me Down". Good song, too.
  • This is not "As I Lay Me Down." As others noted, wrong song.
  • Wrong song again :(
  • not bad
  • Its finally back...(the right song)
  • Also getting the wrong song
  • Also getting a song which is not "As I lay me down"
  • this is the wrong song
  • this isn't the right song.. where's 'as i lay me down'
  • ❤!
  • this song was in my head all the time between 1995 and 2005, to this day it makes my heart swell up
  • I will allways love this song! It's lovely!
  • Me likeeee this song, but don't tell my stupid friends. OK. Thanks guys.
  • i love this song:)
  • Nice tune, but geez, the Synthesizeritis... couldn't they get a normal guitar?
  • ♥♥♥
  • so peaceful, so lovely!
  • This song sums up all my middle school years.
  • a beautiful song
  • One of my fav songs!!
  • lovely :) Every season has its change and I will see you when the sun comes out again
  • Sophie B. Hawkins always seems so fierce, tender and sexy at the same time. She's wonderful.
  • Great song, beautifully sung!
  • so glad that a know for this song
  • Beautiful song.
  • .....sensational...!!
  • I will see you again when the sun comes out again.....I miss you Skylar Rayne Happy Birthday Baby Girl<3333
  • her 2nd best song, amazing!
  • nice
  • ♥♥♥...teardrops!!!
  • This is what a great song sounds like.
  • super song
  • This song sends me to the clouds....flying to my loved ones,,,,!
  • just lovely. thanks sophie.
  • Beautiful voice.
  • A song, full of sadness and wisdom.
  • this song is about her dad dying, never heard such a beautiful song about such a sad topic
  • So many memories.
  • Ein Lied zum Augen schließen und träumen....
  • This song becomes a part of you. I breathe it.


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