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Sonic Syndicate foi formada em 2002 com o nome de Fallen Angels, por Richard, Roger e Robin Sjunnesson. Com o nome Fallen Angels, gravaram três demos: Fall From Heaven, Black Lotus e Extinction antes de assinar com a Pivotal Rockordings em 2005.
Após a assinatura com Pivotal Rockordings, a banda mudou seu nome para Sonic Syndicate e gravou seu primeiro álbum de estúdio intitulado "Eden Fire".

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  • i dont get the appeal for this band, like im all cool for poppy sounding melodeath but this is just way too much
  • this is not sonic syndicate anymore....real sonic syndicate is ''The Unguided'' only thing that is missing in that band is Karin :)
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  • Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • Affliction <3
  • the first three albums are their best works imo
  • I still maintain that LAOD is their best album, followed by OI and then Eden Fire. Honestly, I actually think their latest is the weakest. Weaker than WRTN. Not as insulting or out of character, mind you, but in terms of how the melodies and choruses are written, it is by far the lowest of the bunch. WRTN did at least have some really catchy choruses, despite being more what one would expect of a far more commercial band than SoSy...
  • Приглашаю в критику и аналитику рок-песен В группе много полезного.
  • Kaaoszine reviewed Sonic Syndicate - Sonic Syndicate 9/10 and The Unguided - Fragile Immortality 7½/10. I might just agree with that.
  • On the new album the verses, choruses and lyrics are better than before. :)

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