• Top 10 Soilwork Songs

    Mar 1 2010, 14h16 por MinaseTaki

    I've wanted to write about Soilwork for a while now. I was going to review The Chainheart Machine, but what the hell, I'll do a top 10. After all, I haven't done one of these in like a year and half.

    Enough bullshit, let's do it.

    10.- Millionflame (The Chainheart Machine)

    This is a great example of Soilwork's masterful style of mixing classic metal with thrash and gothenburg. The melodic riffs are reminiscent of Iron Maiden, and the bass breakdown followed by the guitar solo shows that they had a lot of great ideas for this album.

    9.- Grand Failure Anthem (A Predator's Portrait)

    Thrashy riff, crazy drumming, great chorus, this song has it all. I also really like the lyrics. No song has ever failed less than this one.

    8.- Generation Speedkill (The Chainheart Machine)

    Masterful riffs with Speed's vocals at their angriest, ever. Once again we have an Iron Maiden-like melodic riff in the chorus and a fantastic solo.

    7.- Needlefeast (A Predator's Portrait)

  • Crónica Soilwork

    Dez 1 2008, 17h14 por _kam1kaze_

    Mie 26 Nov – Soilwork, One-Way Mirror, Ananta

    Crónica sacada de rocktotal.com:

    Con un frío más propio de Suecia que de Madrid, la capital acogía, en un día tan poco propicio para un concierto como un miércoles, la nueva visita de los suecos Soilwork. La banda, de nuevo en forma al haberse reincorporado a sus filas un gran guitarrista como Peter Wichers, presentaba su último disco, "Sworn To A Great Divide". Y lo hacía con la compañía de Ananta y One-Way Mirror. Lamentablemente no pudimos ver a los paródicos Zimmers Hole, descendientes de Strapping Young Lad, ya que por diversos problemas tuvieron que cancelar la gira. Aún así, el cartel seguía teniendo bastante atractivo, especialmente por ver lo que podía ofrecer en directo One-Way Mirror, que no fue mucho, todo sea dicho.

    El caso es que a las 20:00 horas se abrían las puertas de la sala Live para que, nada menos que una hora y media después, empezase a caldear el ambiente Ananta. …
  • Review: Soilwork @ The Cathouse, Glasgow

    Nov 17 2008, 19h17 por bingo_bango666

    Sweden. The home of the band that are "heavier than a continent filled with elephants". A long way for Soilworkto travel, but myself and a select group of loyal fans are very glad they did.

    The atmosphere upon arrival at the Cathouse was a little quiet and subdued, and the music playing in the bar didn't really help. The first band, a rising French band named Ananta, began playing to the rather sparsely populated room, and despite the band giving it their absolute all no one really seemed to get into them. A shame, as they really impressed me!

    Next up, One-Way Mirror. Personally didn't thrill me, but the band were pretty decent, and managed to get the crowd reasonably warmed up.

    The lights dimmed, and we were treated to a rather obscure introduction to the band, before the Soilwork mounted the stage. A flawless performance where I'm concerned, covering the full spectrum of Soilwork's albums and sounds, and of course perfectly showcasing the glorious return of Pete Wichers to the band. …
  • My Favourite 15 Songs

    Jul 19 2006, 16h18 por city_ofthemoon

    Here they are, in an order of sorts.. just what came to my mind at the moment, so can and will change everytime i listen..

    - A Change of Seasons: An epic track that is amazing both instrumentally and lyrically
    - Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels): I just like this song. A lot.
    - Blackest Eyes: Great combination of prog and pop, mixes an upbeat feel with dark lyrics
    - Finally Free: Very nice song, a great finale to an awesome album
    - Bleak: Masterful melding of heaviness with melody, just doesn't get old.
    - Lazarus: A beautiful, melodic, piano and vocal based track from PT
    - Don't Panic: Just a nice song :)
    - The Odyssey: A great epic with nice themes and writing.
    - Blackwater Park: Once again, awesome contrasts.
    - Dryad of the Woods: I'd pick one of many Pain of Salvation songs, but at the moment its this one.
    - Heaven: This may suprise you, but I think its that synth tone, I can't get enough.
    - Day One: Has to be heard to be appreciated
    - Needlefeast: Great heavy track, with a joy guitar line over the top in the 'solo.'