• Ships & Dip Sloan Setlists

    Fev 9 2009, 6h07 por deadgrotty

    Sun 1 Feb – Barenaked Ladies' Ships & Dip V

    I grabbed setlists from the final 2 Sloan shows on Ships & Dip (the ones on the pool deck & in the spinnaker lounge), so I'm sharing. I don't have the setlist for show 1 (in the main theater - they closed the curtain after the show so I couldn't grab one)

    All 3 shows were awesome, and they mixed it up every night :) My favorite was probably the third show, they played the song I'd been asking them to play for days (lol) & singing with Chris on Underwhelmed & She Says What She Means was amazing.

    Show 1 (Stardust Theater - Feb 1, 2009):
    This is totally incomplete and in the wrong order, but here's what I know I heard at show 1. The other 2 shows are accurate, please let me know if you have any corrections/additions for show 1!

    Losing California
    Witch's Wand
    The Other Man
    The Good In Everyone
    Everything You've Done Wrong
    I'm Not a Kid Anymore
    Cheap Champagne
  • Between the Burgers

    Jul 4 2008, 3h19 por uniko509

    As if a clothing line, a record label, and a bar in the East Village weren't enough, Pete Wentz goes ahead and opens up a restaurant in Chicago, stupidly titled "Angels & Kings". {"Fueled By Ramen" was even dumber though, so I suppose I should be grateful for the upgrade.} And he has enough money, so why not, right? In 2 years when his band breaks up, he'll at least have a healthy income coming from those investments - people who are still "die hard" Pete Wentz fans even though the trend is over...

    Dave and I were talking about all this this morning for whatever reason while I jokingly wondered aloud to myself, "What if our friends in Sloan had opened up a restaurant?" The next thing we know, we're making up what the place would be called, what they would serve, and who would be part of what in the restaurant.

    I'm not sure it would be very funny unless you get all the Sloan references we made…