• 12 months on Last.fm, top 12 albums I've bought since

    Dez 19 2007, 21h51 por Stubbsy67

    Sunday the 16th marked my one year anniversary here at Last.fm (ignore the 'Registered' date to the left, see 'Scrobbling since' instead). Here's a journal to mark the occasion.

    Before I get to the albums, just a little bit about what Last.fm has done for me in that time. I can honestly say Last.fm is the site I'm most addicted to, more than any other. You hear of people saying they're addicted to Facebook; I could never use FB again at the drop of a hat (though I do like it) but Last.fm is so much more.

    I've discovered some of my now favourite bands, either entirely through or with the help of Last.fm and the people I'm met here. Machinae Supremacy, Iced Earth, Evile, Sanctity and Dream Theater to name a few, but there are countless more on my ever growing "list of albums to get". Last.fm also took my music geekery to new heights, given the way I monitor my charts. In fact, here's a look at my chart toppers in my 52 weeks of being here: