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Skagos is an atmospheric black metal project by Iskra's bassist Raymond Hawes. There are some other releases by them, including the split albums with Tomhet and Wake, "Litha MMIX" EP, and a very rare 2007 demo. "Ast" is a very good album, fans of Panopticon and WITTR wouldn't be disappointed.

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  • Anarchic is a relly awesome thing. Its like a ballad to nature, like an outspoken avowal. Hard to describe what i felt while i was listening this masterwork.
  • MA says they are, though that's not always a reliable source of information. I think they have other stuff going on besides the band but I expect we'll hear new material from them again eventually. They just work slowly. They were working on Anarchic for like four years so we should probably expect another release in a couple of years. Though there was that rumoured split with Echtra that never did come out.
  • Ya ya, everyone here is going to be the next producer at Godcity... Not every band can spend as much on the post-production as Slayer etc. But more important, does anyone know if Skagos are still in existence?
  • more like other instruments are poorly mixed. everything needs to be louder. nothing wrong with the drums
  • Unknownrooster, they're poorly mixed.
  • What in particular is bad about the drums?
  • Godly music, but the drums unfortunately ruin it for me(
  • Does anyone know if that split with Echtra is ever coming out?
  • OrGaSmOs MulTiPLOs
  • so beautiful

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