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  • [url=]34 uploaded images[/url]
  • ненавижу сХе дерьмо
  • Check this beatdown hardcore!
  • rolling six feet deep!
  • This is the kind of music that picks me up when bitches get me down...
  • дичь
  • Check this out, guys:
  • Отлично!
  • Бесноватые.
  • beat it down !!!
  • норм
  • опасность
  • щас вценим
  • Ахуенно
  • пацаны ваще ребята
  • заебись ребята, умеете могете
  • i like
  • not really
  • This band are a joke... right?
  • Не, реально похож)
  • вот шутник
  • У них Пареченков вокалит :D
  • yes yes motherfucker ,get crunk motherfucker get crunk!
  • @Ljayyy: thx dude, but i've allready have lyrics to that songs, but another tracks of Voices from an Evil God album i havent seen in web
  • pizdato
  • can someone share Voices from an Evil God lyrics??
  • seems like you aren't, right...
  • Wow, I think I'm not "thug" enough to listen to this band... Maybe when I buy my new iron fist!
  • Love the tracks with Nasty
  • вокалюга пиздат
  • new album is shiT!!!!
  • can someone share Voices from an Evil God lyrics?
  • gotta love the vocalist, so damn good
  • meat is murdercore
  • But Frizzi cover owns :D I am amused.
  • эти блять в 2010 номер один кто выпустил в быдле проходной альбом...сука,а жалко ><
  • new album is good, but older were better[5] too many interludes in it
  • damn, new album isn't cool enough, Voices from an Evil God fucking best of the best
  • skullhell +1
  • new album sounds a bit awkward vocally it doesnt seem like it fits....
  • new album is good, but older were better[3]
  • new album is good, but older were better [2]
  • new album is good, but older were better [1]
  • Broetal
  • This Is The ZODIAC Speaking - fucking great!
  • New track "This Is The ZODIAC Speaking" is Epic !
  • New track AMAZING!!!


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