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Genre: Death Metal - Netherlands Lyrical themes: Occultism, Death, Satanism, Lovecraft (old)

Adrie Kloosterwaard - Vocals Dennis Hartog - Guitars Batiaan Brussaard - Guitars Mathijs Brussaard - Bass Toep Duin - Drums

Álbuns Cross the Styx (CD - 1992) Diabolical Summoning (CD - 1993) Hate (CD - 1995) Aggressive Measures (CD - 1998) Creative Killings (CD - 2001) Savage or Grace (CD - 2003) Afterburner (CD - 2006) The Silent Howling (CD - 2008) Legacy of Ashes (CD - 2010) The Carnage Ending (CD - 2012) The Post-Apocalyptic Servant (CD - 2014)

Sinister was formed in 1988… leia mais

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