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  • sooo kawaii
  • batful
  • btful
  • qt
  • Really all that kawaii and childish. I approve.
  • Night Piece and L.S.T. will be out on vinyl for RSD '15. Now if only we could get Exit...
  • I'm in love ♡
  • Has kind of a Suga Shikao-esque quality on some songs. good stuff.
  • mrs. is walking down the aisle to Rum Hee in May! Love this man!
  • The adopted asian baby of Zach Condon and Thomas Mars.
  • v You're funny
  • it's like a shitty version of [artist]Kishi Bashi[/artist]
  • Posivibes abound in this music
  • Same here johannez, I'm still really sour about that. I even had the time and was fully aware he was going to throw a gig there, I just couldn't be bothered in the end.
  • Really wish I'd seen him live when he visited Stockholm, ugh. In Focus? is really great!
  • Finally got a copy of In Focus. I swear that this man is absolutely incapable of making music that's anything short of delightful and triumphant.
  • Just saw this guy + band in concert. Never really listened to him before but it was absolutely amazing. Judging from the responses of others afterwards they were just as enthralled as me. The drummer was an absolute beast, doing polyrhythms all over over the place. Another part of the trio consisted of this girl playing the accordion who had a box on a table in front of her with at least two dozens of different custom-made woodwinds/percussion/flutes/kazoos and stuff I've never seen nor heard before. And then the man himself Shugo, rocking one playful riff after another and making bad ass sounds with his mouth. Amidst of all this awesomeness they also did a cover of The Buggles' 'Video Killed the Radio Star' which Shugo tongue in cheek sung: "Video Killed the Lady-O star, video killed the Lady-O star". What a show. Definitely have to check this guy out after this performance. Best concert of Pop Revo 2013 (where names such as How to Dress well and Mount Eerie played as well). Thanks
  • sexy
  • I like his sense of humor as well. That's why I've been to his concert over 3 times.. His talks always make me laugh out loud :)
  • This man is just hella talented.
  • Honestly, I got no reason to be euphoric or anything but this guy just gets you in the mood instantly.
  • .♡.♡.♡.
  • Woops, I mentioned the wrong song! I don't remember the name of the first song I heard by him, but it was off of the "Port Entropy" album.
  • He's so cute. n__n The first song I heard from him was "Talking Walking Cloud". I just love his style!
  • Ill check him out.
  • It is
  • the new album is insanely good
  • me too
  • Love the new album!
  • jfdlsakfjlka i didn't know he had a new release out. thank you for telling me.
  • I wish this music was the anthem of my life.
  • ordu gate, ordu gate, ordu gate, ordu gate
  • I wish Shugo was in the Kishi Bashi show that I am going to! A majestic songwriter
  • Te amo♥.
  • Kishi Bashi and Shugo!! Oh, only in a dream...BOTH COME TO ENGLAND!!!
  • the beatles
  • his music makes me happy :3 [2] Seriously, every song of his I've heard puts the goofiest, stupidest smile on my face. Can't wait for Polyvinyl to release In Focus.
  • In Focus? Amazingly fun! Hope he comes to the UK! :3
  • In Focus? is the musical equivalent to candy, delicious candy.
  • In Focus? = 2012 superbness.
  • Album of the year! [2]
  • madness~
  • Album of the year!
  • is there a download link?
  • exquisite as usual
  • so excited for "in focus?"!
  • brace yourself!! In Focus is coming to outside Japan! `Excited to announce that the new album, In Focus?, will be available everywhere outside Japan early next year via Polyvinyl Record Company, Hi Note Records (Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore) and Pastel Music (South Korea). Stay tuned for more news!` -shugo tokumaru's FB page
  • looking forward to 'In Focus?'
  • How did I just hear about new music?!


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