• Grand Island concert, 17th of november, 2006

    Nov 18 2006, 12h52 por brusboks

    I have seen this band before recently and I enjoyed that show so of course I thought I'd go see them again when they came to perform here in Oslo.

    the warm-up act was Shaun Bartlett & days like this. Quite ok. somehow I'd like to label the music "pretty", thought not in a negative way. it was quite enjoyable to listen to and I also recorded his song "unleash" but I havn't bothered to figure out how I can compress the videofile to under 100MBs so I can upload it at YouTube yet.
    but yes, very nice 8)

    though, it was Grand Island I had come there for. and I enjoyed this concert even more than the last I was at. probably because more and more of their songs have grown on me as time has passed and it was wonderful to tap my foot and sing along. and man, I like that banjo player!

    the first part consisted of what they called their "feminine songs" while the latter part consisted of "the songs for the men" where one of the was announced as Håkon's…