• underrated bands

    Set 2 2007, 15h07 por Elektrolurch

    hi hi hi there.
    so this is my first blog entry, and i thought i might use it to recommend some lesser known bands or bands that are underrated in general.

    so let's start with a project from Helmut Hattler from Kraan, Tab Two! This is a kind of music that is really unique and inspiring. it has some acid-jazz, some jazz and even some rap elements, but all this is put together in a fluid, clever way. it seems very organic and i recommend all of their work...

    Another quite unique group i like to recommend is Landberk , espaicilly their lp Indian Summer. nice, melancholic, deep melodies, a generell melancholic atmosphere- but far beyond any stereotypes one will usually associate with this attributes.

    And something from a totally different culture- recently, i started to enjoy Sevda. it's turkish folk fusion. yes, really. something i never experienced before- elements from traditional turkish music, put together with totally strange and untypical rythms. it was a totally new way of music for me. and i hope you will like it too.