• Sarband: Looking Back to 2008

    Fev 21 2009, 14h42 por VIvanoff


    Dear friends, fans and colleagues!

    With nearly 90 concerts in 11 countries, the most successful stage year of our ensemble lies behind us. We were led through ever-new musical adventure and equally adventurous travels, but most of all towards encounters with congenial people.

    It is hardly possible to name all the highlights:

    January gave us the opportunity to meet with dear old friends: “Llibre Vermell” with the Osnabrück Youth Choir and “Sacred Bridges” with the King’s singers in St. Michael, Hamburg, whose more than 2.000 seats were sold out.

    We met new friends, who will hopefully be our fellow travellers on a long creative journey yet to come, from late January on in Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s choreography “Origine”. Medieval and oriental music and four young dancers: a whole new experience of collaboration, which never lost its freshness in the course of many performances, but increased in friendship. …
  • Original Newsletter vom TFF Rudolstadt (Der Newsletter vom TFF Rudolstadt)+(TFF…

    Dez 17 2008, 2h25 por ECL

    Diesmal gleich zwei Newsletter; einer neu, einer alt.

    zuerst der Neue (sieht ein bischen anders aus aber der Inhalt stimmt überein)

    Beginn Newsletter 1:
    Betreff: Der Newsletter vom TFF Rudolstadt
    Datum: 15. Dezember 2008 11:45:46 MEZ

    Liebe Freunde des TFF, liebe Interessenten!

    Sind wir ehrlich zueinander:
    Sie warten schon seit Tagen auf die Meldung, dass der TFF-Sampler - endlich - erschienen ist. Wir warteten auch, und zwar darauf, Ihnen genau diese Information senden zu dürfen. Allein, manchmal steckt der Teufel eben im Detail, das in diesem Fall die -sagen wir - schleppend arbeitende Agentur eines Künstlers war. Eines Künstlers dummerweise, den wir Ihnen und uns zuliebe doch unbedingt dabei haben wollten. Und nun? Genau, Ende gut, alles gut!


    [url= …
  • TFF Rudolstadt - Programm 2008 - (3.) 4. bis 6. Juli 2008 (Stand: 12. April 2008)

    Abr 12 2008, 11h19 por ECL

    Lineup: 18.Tanz- & Folkfest Rudolstadt - Germany’s biggest folk, roots and world music festival

    0. Links
    2. Länderschwerpunkt – ISRAEL (TFF.COUNTRY SPECIAL 2008 – ISRAEL)
    4. Focus Regional 2008 - SACHSEN (Focus Regional 2008 - SAXONY)
    5. Tanz des Jahres 2008: ROCK´N ROLL (TFF.DANCE FOCUS - ROCK´N ROLL)
    8.KINDERFEST 2008



    TFF Rudolstadt 2008
    TFF Rudolstadt 2008 Sonderkonzert

    Group: TFF Rudolstadt

    Offizielle Homepage:

  • Original Newsletter vom TFF Rudolstadt (18. TFF.Rudolstadt vom (3.) 4. bis 6. Juli…

    Abr 12 2008, 7h53 por ECL

    Betreff: Neues vom TFF Rudolstadt
    Datum: 10. April 2008 18:20:17 MESZ


    18. TFF.Rudolstadt vom (3.) 4. bis 6. Juli 2008

    Liebe Freunde des TFF, liebe Interessenten,

    Ein Vierteljahr vor der 18. Auflage von Deutschlands großem Weltmusikfestival ringt die Vorfreude auf ein außerordentlich buntes und spannendes Programm mit der Betroffenheit über einen Fall, der Rudolstadt in den Fokus der gesamtdeutschen Medienöffentlichkeit gerückt hat.
    Es ist uns ein Bedürfnis, gleich zu Beginn auch Ihnen unsere Position deutlich zu machen.

    - Position zum Fortzug der Familie Neuschäfer und zu dessen medialer Reflexion

    - Neuerung
    - Länderschwerpunkt
    - Magisches Instrument
    - Tanz des Jahres
    - Focus Regional
    - RUTH. Der deutsche Weltmusikpreis. – Die Preisträger
    - Konzertprogramm

  • Thank you LastFm users

    Dez 8 2007, 15h18 por undrentide72

    Well its now been a year since i joined the LastFm community, and want to say thanks to everyone who's helped me on my voyage of musical discovery, nearly a 1/3 of my top 50 is comprised of artists unknown to me this time last year.
    I hope next year is as good for music as this year has been. Special thanks to Hannah Fury, whos music kept me sane since summer. Keep 'em coming sweetpea!
    LastFm'ers you've contributed these artists to my life:-

    Hannah Fury
    The Birthday Massacre
    Jocelyn Montgomery with David Lynch
    faith & the muse
    Montserrat Figueras
    Love Is Colder Than Death
    Ulrich Schnauss
    The Golden Palominos
    Emilie Autumn
    Unto Ashes
    Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows
    Impressions Of Winter
  • Homo mensura... (?)

    Nov 28 2007, 12h40 por Epitymbidia

    Well, if you take a look, even a not very close one, just at the surface so to speak, through users' journals and group discussions etc, you will discover that there seems to be one thing that nearly everyone does, did or surely soon will do: Questionnaires. Any version of a music quiz asking questions like "where did you hear band X for the first time" or "what's your favourite song by artist Y" etc.

    I always refused making something like that. On the one hand because it is only to help people to represent their taste as fast as possible, and on the other hand because the questions are just coincidental... "Of course they are", one could say, but nevertheless I would think the whole affair to be more meaningful if I would consider myself, concerning which group or which artist I would like to ask which question...
    The other important reason for me not to make it was the fact that my whole profile wasn't really representative for my musical preferences. …
  • The Compulsory Music Quiz we users all seem to do!

    Dez 13 2006, 14h49 por undrentide72

    Well looking through users journals etc, one thing that seems to be doing the rounds is the music quiz asking such questions as where did you first hear X band do Y song etc. So in the absence of having anything sensible to say i thought id do one of these quiz things instead.
    So take it away....

    Name your top 10 most played bands on

    1 - QNTAL
    2 - Mediaeval Baebes
    3 - Estampie
    4 - Lisa Gerrard
    5 - Dead Can Dance
    6 - Cocteau Twins
    7 - Miranda Sex Garden
    8 - Love Is Colder Than Death
    9 - Sarband
    10 - Tori Amos

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers :

    What was the first song you heard by 6?
    I strongly suspect it was Carolyn's Fingers. I remember watching the chart show one saturday morning because i knew the video for Birthdaywas gonna be played. So i taped it, duly saw the video and then saw Elizabeth Fraser in her little white dress and patent shoes singing the most glorious rubbish and became a fan on the spot.

  • Hello...

    Dez 4 2006, 21h18 por undrentide72

    Well ive been toying with the idea of doing a blog sort of thing for a while now. Thing is theres nothing i really wanna talk about apart from the musical journey ive been on since my early teens. Ive never considered my taste in music to be bland, nor am i one of these music elitists who has to be in to the rarest bands and own said copies of bands debut 2 track ep on 8 track tape or whatever.
    Suppose i should start at the beginning really. The first real bands i started getting into as an impressionable teenager i now regard as my Holy Trinity - Siouxsie and The Banshees, Cocteau Twins, and Dead Can Dance. Of the 3 bands, DCD is the one thats had the most impact on me,and opened up the way for my interest in what im told is the Heavenly Voices genre.
    Now one thing that puzzles me is the Goth title slapped upon DCD. Fair enough Lisa Gerrard used to look like the Bride of Frankenstein early on in their career, but i could never find anything vaguely Goth about the music... …