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  • One of my favorites!
  • love this song********
  • good song.......**
  • great Sarah", < 333, rock on"
  • <3 .
  • <3
  • Восхитительно!!!!
  • <333
  • Great!!!!!! She is Better of Christina ;)
  • Sarah Connor = German Christina Aguilera <3 [3]
  • Perfect voice, perfect songs
  • 超喜欢
  • I loved this song when I was young girl :) [3]
  • Sarah Connor = German Christina Aguilera <3 [2]
  • Sarah Connor?.... I'll be back!... Does she not know?... she has the same name as one of the most iconoclastic names in cinema history? Terminator!
  • love
  • Sarah Connor = German Christina Aguilera <3
  • one from the great songs"" sarah"" <3"
  • my favorite super star
  • Very great song! I want to cry...I've got memories with this song. Sarah Connor is SUPERWOMAN)))
  • great song
  • I loved this song when I was young girl :)
  • classic <3
  • I remember the day when I heard this song for the first time in 2001. It was amazing experience, she has got a great voice!
  • <3
  • Greaaat song! ^^ Could make cry to anybody :)
  • LOVE
  • great voice !!!
  • Speachless
  • grandiosa e bona anche!
  • classic <3
  • Really great song. <33333
  • 为什么都是英文回复哩??真土。
  • I think you guys are underestimating the Germans, or the English language. Plus, it's a song, a word comes to mind; rehearsal? :) Doesn't change the fact though that it's a nice song. ps. I'm not English, nor am i German, I'm a 'in between' (aka Dutch) :P
  • It's interesting how good the English of so many Germans is -- you could find very few English speakers whose Germans is comparably good, even among those, such as myself, who have made some effort to learn German.
  • i have very nice memories with this song, i really like it :)
  • Sarah connor is awesome!all my heart for this song<333
  • on of my favourite songs ever ....makes my heart beat up more and more
  • She's a very good singer, and the song is great.
  • I love this song too
  • Beautifull BALLADE Sarah Connor is best german singer at this time, be proud of your artist don't make her bad it's stupid really. I even don't understand the german's fans SORRY!!!
  • This song is amazing! Mrs Connor she has good voice, I don't understand why german fans don't like her?? comments on youtube very bad. She is a good german singer be proud .
  • der song ist nicht wirklich schlecht, aber ihr englisch klingt so gekünstelt wie das einer 7jährigen..
  • Sarah ist eine vielseitige Künstlerin, 1x sexy, 1x sensibel with from sarah with love, so sollte es sein vielseitig! Kommentare über ihre Nase sollte jeder sich ersparen, lohnt nicht eine Unverschämtheit ist es von FANS die ihre Kommentare über Nase abgeben!!
  • This was the song my husband play for me and it's our song
  • love this song so much

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