• Comin Kobe '11

    Mai 5 2011, 13h59 por 4rst

    Wed 4 May – COMIN' KOBE'11

    Artists I saw at Commin Kobe this year:

    Dirty Old Men
    Shetland Sheepdog


    The Local art was pretty disappointing, Taiyouzoku and Retro Honpo were a lot of fun. Wish I could have seen some more artists but no regrets, it was totally great up until the end.
  • anatomy of an omnibus

    Ago 7 2010, 9h13 por Dasr

    D★SELDOM is a domestic omnibus limited edition (3000 copies only!) compilation album of Various Indie Artists released by Shinseido, Japan. The albums included some of the best of Japanese indie for the time-line. To date -- There are eleven albums in the series, released between July 2002, and December 2005.

    The compilations contain 247 songs, over 200 artists -- with Yum!Yum!Orange, HIGHWAY61 and Jindou contributing the most songs to the series (4 each).

    Each post contains; the track number (1st), song title (2nd), artist ((3rd) including being linked to the LastFM artist page), product id# and cover art. If you want to explore the original blog post linked to the artist homepage url, or other information resource -- You can access it here: http://www.my.anusaya.com/Denise/blog_55.php

    D★SELDOM  其の1 (2002.07.15)
    DISC 1
    01.愛するPOW(F.O) - B-DASH
    02.駆け抜けて青春 - Going Steady
    03.レット・イット・シャイン - HIGHWAY61
    04.MY SWINGING STYLE - Easy Grip
  • A timekill to die for.

    Mai 21 2008, 17h29 por SatouKun

    1. Open your Winamp/iTunes etc and put it on shuffle.
    2. Click on the Next button for every question.
    3. Use the song name as an answer to the question.
    4. Don't cheat!

    1. How are you today?
    Zeromancer - Split Seconds

    2. Will you get far in life?
    Charta 77 - Fosterlandet

    3. What do your friends think of you?
    D - Sleeper

    4. Will you get married?
    DéspairsRay - Murder Freaks

    5. Whats your lifes themesong?
    Antique Cafe - Hatsukoi (=First Love)

    6. Whats your life story?
    VIDOLL - An Extra

    7. How's school for you?
    Green Day - Church on Sunday

    8. How can you get forward in life?
    Alphaville - Big in Japan (Haha XD)

    9. How will tomorrow be?
    AILE - Pretty Vacation

    10. Whats the best with your friends?
    Pain - Dark Fields of Pain

    11. Whats in store for next week??
    Moi dix Mois - Lamentful Miss

    12. What song describes you the best?
    alice nine. - FANTASY

    13. How is your life?
    Muse - Escape

    14. What song will be played at your funeral?
    DEATHGAZE - shi sakura (=Dead Cherry)
  • oh man 2007

    Dez 14 2007, 4h07 por cogsturning

    this is probably the first year ive actually paid attention to whats happening and what i got and everything, so heres one of those stupid year end things.

    albums i acquired that were released this year, for better or for worse:
    H ZETT M - 5+2=11[1-10]
    Deerhoof - Friend Opportuniy[1-23]
    eksperimentoj - eksperimentoj[1-24]
    Chage & Aska - DOUBLE[1-24]
    The イナズマ戦隊 - 熱血商店街[1-24]
    Busdriver - RoadKillOvercoat[1-30]
    Hella - There's no 666 in Outer Space[1-30]
    湯川潮音 - 雪のワルツ[1-31]
    Tujiko Noriko - Solo[2-7]
    Gutevolk - Tiny People Singing Over the Rainbow[2-9]
    井上陽水奥田民生 - ダブルドライブ[2-21]
    椎名林檎×斎藤ネコ - 平成風俗[2-21]
    MO'SOME TONEBENDER - Super Nice[2-21]
    平川地一丁目 - 雪解けの頃に届く手紙[2-28]
    Polysics - Karate House[2-28]
    sleepy.ab - fantasia[3-7]
    キャプテンストライダム - BAN BAN BAN[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームA 1st Stage「PARTYが始まるよ」[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームA 2nd Stage「会いたかった」[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームA 3rd Stage「誰かのために」[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームK 1st Stage「PARTYが始まるよ」[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームK 2nd Stage「青春ガールズ」[3-7]
  • A list of Splendid Splendidness

    Abr 20 2007, 22h25 por Gnac

    This entry serves two main purposes: one is sort of useful and the other(s) is/are utterly stupid.

    First, the stupid reasons: to pimp this link in the artist pages of everyone I listen to, to shamelessly get people to click on it, and to annoy those who did.

    Second, to test a PHP script which automatically extracts data from Winamp generated HTML playlists - so I can honestly say that this DOES contain everything on my playlist at the time I made this entry.

    1300 Items

    1-Speed Bike (1-Speed Bike)
    13 & God (13 & God)

    3 Studies for a Crucifixion (3 Studies For A Crucifixion)
    324 (324)
    360° Positive Rockers (360° Positive Rockers)

    The 45 King + John Klemmer (The 45 King + John Klemmer)

    5th Garden (5th Garden)

    8-Bit Weapon (8-Bit Weapon)
    808 State (808 State)
    8up (8up)

    9 Lazy 9 (9 Lazy 9)

    µ-Ziq (µ-Ziq)

    A.P.E. (A.P.E.)
    Aavikko (Aavikko)
    Aavikko & Kabar (Aavikko & Kabar)
    Above the Law (Above the Law)
    Aceyalone (Aceyalone)
  • couldnt resist this one

    Mar 22 2007, 6h55 por cogsturning

    so..your supposed to list your top 50 artists and talk about how you came across them. this is gonna be a great time killer for me.

    i first saw them on kouhaku utagassen 2005/2006. i thought they were some crappy gimmick band and proceeded to ignore. sometime later i ended up with a copy of 愛 羅 武 勇 that i didnt listen to, i dont think i even unzipped it. i somehow found myself on one of thier videos on youtube during the worst most guilt-ridden time of my life and it made me laugh when i was so miserable.

    when i started listening to 氣志團 the whole of my music taste changed and i started getting interested in artists that id seen connected to them. one of his songs was used in kishidan elvis was our sempai fake backstory thing and i thought it was the cheesiest thing id ever heard. that and i had no idea what the sex of the singer was 6_6

    i actually got interested in him after seeing shimotsuma monagatari/kamikaze girls. after hearing him mentioned i read up on him a bit and got terribly curious.
  • a big random post of different stuff because im bored

    Mar 19 2007, 2h19 por cogsturning

    artists i cant stand:

    -DIR EN GREY i just see no appeal whatsoever. its just obnoxious ruckus to the point of making me laugh. and what in the hell is wrong with the fans of these guys? so many of them seem to think having a band members blood or spit get on you is like the best thing ever. thats fucking disgusting. then again many of these are the same 14 year olds who buy all their clothes at hot topic and think self-mutilation is awesome.

    -the majority of vk and all its subgroups - the music is at best medicore, and normally just annoying. theyre fanbase idealizes them primarily on their looks (which i find silly). many vk fans say things like 'if they didnt have the makeup and the clothes id still love them' well then why dont you JUST LISTEN TO REGULAR BANDS. theres lots of awesome bands out there made up of guys and girls in tshirts and jeans.

    -Koda Kumi - the exact opposite of what music should be about-THE MUSIC. generic pop and skankdom, she pisses me off to no end. put some goddamn clothes on! щ(゚Д゚щ)
  • i wish there was winter here..

    Jan 30 2007, 5h06 por cogsturning

    i went to school this afternoon to find everyone wearing sweaters and jackets and scrafs. its like 70 degrees! what a bunch of weenies. i mustve looked odd in a tshirt, skirt and sandals..

    CHAGE & ASKA - wtf they have a new album?? im so oblivous, i didnt even realise they were still making stuff, i thought the singles id been seeing around were re-releases. go me. so are they supposed to be tagged as 'chage and aska' now, cause thats how ive been seeing it? i think ill stick with the old way. the album is really good too.

    The イナズマ戦隊 - i dont know how i feel about thier new album. its..alright i guess. its kinda odd, or maybe just different. it doesnt feel as fun as some of thier previous stuff, like kinda forced. i think itll grow on me with a few listens tho. looks like ive got them tagged wrong tho..bummer.

    Experimental Dental School - ever catch yourself listening to something and wondering why your listening to it? theyre strange and kinda useless, but interesting and entertaining at the same time. …
  • So I succumbed... to the IN MY PANTS meme~

    Jan 4 2007, 19h29 por akenon

    Put your audio player software on random. Post the title of the first twenty songs that come up. Append "in My Pants" to the end of each title.
    The top 20 list of things in my pants:

    01. PANIC☆ch - Love Letter in My Pants. :x

    02. ORANGE RANGE - Japanese People in My Pants. OMG... XDDDDD;

    03. Gwak Eun Gi - to h in My Pants.

    04. Tommy heavenly6 - Hey my friend in My Pants. Hello, friend! XDDDDD;

    05. Plastic Tree - アブストラクト マイ ライフ in My Pants. There's a whole life in my pants? xox;

    06. Supercar - Ionadisco in My Pants.

    07. STANCE PUNKS - Bonus track in My Pants. XDDDDDDD;;

    08. H.O.T - Jingle Bells in My Pants. OMG... XD;

    09. FAKE? - Money Money in My Pants. YAY MONEY! I needed some money~ ;A;

    10. 桜なだれ - Ame no uta in My Pants. >___>;

    11. Kirito - GARDEN in My Pants. (@x@);

    12. 1TYM - Falling in Love in My Pants. >__>;~

    13. w-inds. - Paradox(rumor style) in My Pants. My pants must be confusing o_o;

    14. The Candy Spooky Theater - Spook House in My Pants. A whole house in there?? As long as I don't have to pay mortgage~

  • recommended japanese radio

    Jul 18 2006, 17h02 por Dasr

    Tag Radio is sometimes hit or miss, at best. Incorrect tags and I wonder if sometimes done out of some twisted sense of humor.

    Begun as my own personal tag radio: recommended japanese radio.

    I have noticed two other users, adding the tag. Which is a great idea. Join the other two users and myself, in building a comprehensive list of all Japanese artists at FM. If you find any Japanese bands streamed, add them with this tag . A very few on the list aren't yet streamed, just looking to the future. Thanks Dasr

    some bands:
    Guitar Wolf
    Mad 3
    The Emeralds
    Vincent Atmicus
    Paris Match
    Dry & Heavy
    The Blue Hearts
    The Brilliant Green
    Lost in Time
    Gyogun Rend's