• Symphony X - Iconoclast Review

    Jul 5 2011, 19h28 por adg211288

    Iconoclast is the eighth full-length album from US Progressive/Power Metal act Symphony X, which was released in 2011. Ever since The Odyssey (2002) the gaps between Symphony X albums have been quite long, and this is their first offering since 2007’s Paradise Lost. Like the last time, they’ve returned with a slightly new take on their sound. The album has been released in two editions; a one CD version which features nine tracks, and a 2CD ‘special’ edition which features a total of twelve, some of which are slightly re-ordered on this version. For reviews I normally base my judgement on the regular edition however in this case I intend to make an exception, as the 2CD version is actually the album as it is intended to be by the band. As far as I’m concerned if you’re holding a copy of this and there’s only one disc in the case you’re holding an incomplete album, and you need to take in back and demand your second disc! Now onto the review proper.

  • Heroes

    Jun 28 2010, 20h36 por xBlackAngel

  • Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony/Angel of Babylon

    Jun 25 2010, 21h22 por 01001001

    Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony / Angel of Babylon

    Амбициозният проект на Tobias Sammet от Edguy намира своето продължение от 2008 под формата на две издания. Още преди слушането на песните прави впечатлние участие на куп звездни имена. Кlaus Meine, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Eric Singer, участвалия в почти всички албуми на страничния проект на Tobias - Michael Kiske, Bob Catley, Bruce Kulick, Jon Oliva, Russell Allenи задължителния за гост, за почти всяка група от Стария континент – Jorn Lande. Разбира се с него не свършват гост музикантите.
    При подобен род албуми, често се случва да се сблъскат еготата на гостите и да се получи една боза, чиято цел е да продава, заради именитите участници. Случаят обаче не е такъв. Tobias умело се е справил в ролята си на диригент на цялата тази трупа. Заслужава похвала изборът на точния вокалист за всяка от песните. Те са написани за гласа на съответния изпълнител. Точно заради това Изданията не страдат от липсата на хомогенност, характерна за албумите с много гост вокалисти. …
  • Graspop 2008 - day one

    Jul 3 2008, 16h33 por marxeonist

    For us, Yngwie Malmsteen was the first act of the festival. His prancing was on top form, his keyplayer had a great costume (even if his solos were pretty much inaudible), and he played lots of gratuitous neoclassical metal, which is exactly what I was hoping for. He should've ditched the singer earlier on in the set, and played Black Star, a track whose omission was unforgivable.

    Next up was Moonspell, a band I was keen to check out having heard them variously described as (gothic/doom/black) in various corners of the internet. I was taken aback by the quality of their performance: they were fantastically thrashy in parts, powerful, with great vocals, and moved aptly through various lovely musical spaces in their songs. The video quality of the following amalgamation of clips isn't great, but the sound is, and gives you a good idea of what they were about:


    At one point Anneke van Giersbergen (ex-The Gathering) appeared on stage for guest vocals…
  • Daniele Liverani and his rock opera - Genius!

    Mai 10 2008, 17h27 por The_Thomas

    As I once said: everyone knows Avantasia and Ayreon, many knows Aina, but no one knows Genius. This is the place to talk about that definitely interesting project.

    Well, who listened to Avantasia knows that this is only concept album (Tobias Sammet admit it too) with a lot of guest musicians. Opera is only part of name. Plot is only something to keep it running.

    Daniele Liverani's Genius is different. Lyrics are based on dialogs between characters. Author wanted to make it as close to 'normal' opera as it is possible. There is things like arias, recitatives, choirs, castratos (:D, ya know, sometimes power metal vocals sounds a little 'girlish' :P) and others. I'm not the one who can talk about operas. I wrote this journal only to enlighten a little last.fm people. :P

    Story is simple (but better than Aina...). It's about boy Genius (on first two CD's pictured by Mark Boals [Yngwie J. Malmsteen], on last one by Dc Cooper [Royal Hunt, Silent Force]) who by mistake entered world of dreams and messed it a lot. …
  • Ayreon - 01011001: A Review

    Jan 10 2008, 18h28 por Shinglesandcoke

    If there’s one name that’s synonymous throughout the modern scene of Progressive music, it’s Arjen Lucassen. Since bursting onto the scene with Ayreon in 1995, Mr. Lucassen has shown a penchant for pooling together the greatest talents from within the genre, not to mention an incredible talent through his music and songwriting. Each of his concept albums meticulously threaded together with the finest weaves of progressive thread into a well-crafted tapestry. Each album, from The Final Experiment, to the most recent work 01011001 shows off his wonder and the story which he has woven into all of the albums. As for the music, surreal is probably the best way to describe it. Surreal and transient. Such is the way for an experimentalist such as Lucassen, but it works and has been his winning formula since 1995. To not enjoy his work is to deprive yourself of what Progressive Metal/Rock truly is.

    Throughout the 13 year history of the project, Ayreon has done nothing but bring us the greatest talents on one record. …
  • The Top 75 Albums of 2007

    Dez 23 2007, 6h08 por SmasherDevourer

    Gather round, kids! It's time once again for my list of the best albums of the year. And it's going to be one hell of a long list. Last year I had trouble scrounging up enough albums to make a top 25. This year I had trouble restricting myself to 75, if not quite enough to make a top 100. I had a lot of time on my hands in the first half of the year and went on a rampage of musical discovery. My list is still dominated by metal -- particularly prog metal, this year -- but there are more appearances from other genres than in years past. Because there are so many albums on this list, it was a little difficult to rank them, and the further from the top I got, the harder it became. As such, the rankings down there are only approximate.

    Along with the huge number of great releases this year, there have been quite a few disappointments as well. Arcturus is gone, and the awe-inspiring lineup of Green Carnation has parted ways; though Tchort intends to continue using the name, it won't be like it was. …
  • Dream Theater y Symphony X en Madrid: Geniales

    Nov 5 2007, 1h22 por WinterGoku

    Sab 3 Nov – Dream Theater, Symphony X

    Pues este fin de semana estuvimos en el Palacio de los deportes para ver en directo a estas dos pedazo de bandas de Metal Progresivo.


    Entrada al recinto

    La primera impresión es que el recinto no llegó a dar el lleno, aunque tampoco quedaron demasiados sitios vacíos en sus 6.000 plazas de aforo. Lo que yo considero un record de asistencia para un concierto de Dream Theater en Madrid o incluso en España.

    Symphony X

    El comienzo se hizo esperar, pues transcurrieron dos horas desde que abrieran las puertas a las 19:00 hasta que Symphony X comenzaron su actuación. Una actuación digna de recordar, aunque durante las primeras canciones lamentablemente el sonido dejó mucho que desear: los micrófonos de Russell Allen no funcionaban, el bajo retumbaba demasiado, el teclado apensas se oyó... al menos se fueron subsanando poco a poco.

    Pero a pesar de todo, la actuación fue bestial; los músicos lo dieron todo y se implicaron con el público…
  • Symphony X 2007 Paradise Lost

    Set 3 2007, 3h13 por mavelix

    El paraiso o la perdición de Symphony X

    Después de tan larga espera y bajo el Sello inside Out Music, Symphony X entra dentro del paraíso perdido y engrasa los engranajes para continuar la faena, en un proceso de experimentación sin una brújula común y densidades audibles poco entendibles para los allegados al género.

    Para sus más fieles seguidores, encontraran el pretexto idóneo para seguir la maratónica trayectoria de Michael Romeo; pero para los oídos más ávidos de momento, encontraran pocos elementos que superen sus anteriores elaboraciones progresivas de recordación en “The Odyssey” 2002 y “The Divine Wings Of Tragedy” 1997 consideradas como sus obras maestras.

    Recordando alusiones neoclásicas de pretenciosa interpretación al estilo Malmsteen, el trabajo Paradise Lost cuenta con la imagen más experimental de su carrera, y revela el cambio de actitud en su sonido y la técnica gradual y robustecida de los Neoyorkinos desde “The Odyssey” 2002.

    En recientes entrevistas Michael Romeo comenta:
  • Paradise Lost... an initial review

    Mai 8 2007, 23h05 por VikingR

    It's been nearly five years since Symphony X released The Odyssey. The anticipation among fans has been almost palpable. Mike and co. have taken their time writing Paradise Lost, and having seen a wide scale leaked release on Monday 7th May 2007, the general consensus so far is that the painstaking care has paid dividends.

    The style has changed again, whilst retaining the distinctive Symphony X magic. Gone are the darkened bone-cruncher riffs of Wicked and Incantations Of The Apprentice; there is no sweeping epic in sight, nor seamless concept piece. What we are presented with is an incredible furore of all that is good about power, progressive and symphonic metal wrapped up into a sweet 60 minute package. The sheer energy of this album is almost incomprehensibly massive, as though every second since 2002 has been captured and suddenly released in an unparalleled blast of metal triumph.
    Symphony X school the majority of power metal bands out there, while still proving they are a leading force in the progressive field. …