• Rush Concert, 5/7/2013, 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD

    Mai 9 2013, 2h42 por goldeneye2131

    Finally saw Rush for the first time on their Clockwork Angels tour. It was quite the show, as they featured a huge screen behind with a number of mini 'movies' to add some humor and context to some of the songs (deep lyrics are the norm when it comes to Rush) as well as the fireworks and light show. My eyes were naturally fixed on the drum set most of the time, and the jumbo screen allowed for plenty of views of Neil in action.

    They know how to rock.

    As the music goes...highlights for me were mostly during the hits that they played (definitely don't know the later stuff like I do the first five or six albums)

    The Big Money: not a song near the top of my favorites, but it was amazing live. Has it all, a complicated bass line, technical drums, and great guitar. (well...which is pretty much all of their songs) The best part was when the song hit the small break and the stage went black...followed by Alex coming in with the final guitar outtro...which was incredible.

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