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Fly by Night

Fly by Night


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  • This sounds better than Led Zeppelin.
  • A masterpiece.
  • v since you're so lazy, you're probably also too lazy to clean your ears, which would explain why you would think this sounds anything like LZ at all
  • it's like still zeppelin wannabe rush except they were accidentally already more rush than zeppelin
  • I really love the album cover
  • my favorite after 2112
  • v but Caress of Steel is even more underrated.
  • This and "Sin After Sin" by Judas Priest are two of the most underrated albums of all time.
  • Sounds a bit patchy after all these years but considering the ages of the band members it's still impressive. Execution is a bit lacking - live versions of Anthem and ByTor on All Worlds a Stage are so much better than on here.
  • Rush - Practice Makes Perfect - 09-08-1979 << Great & rare Rush live !! >>
  • The owl is indeed amazing! And looks even more amazing on vinyl!! :D and sounds amazing. By-tor forever!
  • By-Tor & The Snow Dog is easily the best song on this album.
  • Rivendell is their worst on this... The best are BB&B and Anthem by so far
  • the owl in the cover is amazing
  • Awsome!
  • Rivendell,great song!
  • Why the hell doesn't this have a million plays?
  • Love the album cover! ..and the album too, of course
  • Making Memories *-*
  • A great album that I'd classify purely as classic rock.
  • no doubt their best work
  • in the end is underrated and it's so great
  • Rivendell is the best song off of this album.
  • Their best album, fantastic stuff.
  • Beneath, Between & Behind having least plays is bollocks!
  • Great album. Very Zeppelin-ish. No wonder Rolling Stone magazine hated both of them.
  • this is a great album!!! love it!
  • I love this cover
  • Great album. Kinda Led Zeppelin-ish, just like the first album.
  • Schönes Cover, super Album !
  • great solid rock album
  • I love it so much, I even love Rivendell!
  • Love "In The End"
  • Superb! ❤
  • IN THE END is epic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • by-tor is an incredible song. [2] so is anthem and fly by night.
  • it sure is.
  • by-tor is an incredible song.
  • LMFAOWIHABFAFIMRAAMMYAMTTDMRFBNA - Laughing my figurative ass off while I have a Bobba Fett action figure in my real ass and my mom yells at me to turn down my Rush "Fly By Night" album
  • Havent listened to this for what seems ages, my mum bought me this for christmas when I was about 14. Thinking of her asking for it in a shop still brings a smile to my face as does remembering the first play.....blasting it out on their old record player. Still brilliant 30 years later.
  • I wore this album out working on my 750 Four K back in 1989. Cygnus smiles
  • Amzing, but way to short :(
  • This album is just incredible.
  • Anthem is a good tune
  • One of the best albums ever. Fans of Black Sabbath should take note of this album. There are some connections.
  • Has Rush ever made a bad song? I don't know of any. All great songs.
  • this album got me into Rush. Good stuff!
  • Because it's tagged strangely...
  • By-Tor only 187 plays :O

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