• November 2011, Penthouse Perfection

    Dez 7 2011, 14h03 por dandyboy73

    Some Hallowe'en playlist introduced me to Found Love in a Graveyard by Veronica Falls, so that seems as good a place as any to kick off the November blog. Alas, it probably is the best track on album Veronica Falls, but what a track it is: like old-school Interpol laced with real venom during the verses, and old-school Lush for the chorus. Album closer Come On Over is a bit of alright too. I can't put my finger on a particular band (probably because of the restraining order), but it definitely brings to mind early to mid 90s indie, and I can only imagine how good it must be live.

    Another new acquisition at the start of the month was Florence + the Machine's Ceremonials. Not sure if the title is meant to sound like an euphemism (as in, "ooh, I've got a right rash on my Ceremonials"), but the albums a pretty joyless affair. Admitedly I was a latecomer to début Lungs, but it had the right balance between heart and bluster. …
  • Rediscovering past fancies

    Mar 6 2008, 9h10 por louixx

    It's been a while since I listened to Tori Amos, but she's so good I should do it more often. Also, you can't help but notice how huge an influence Kate Bush must have been on her. I never really got into Kate but I shall sincerely try this time around. I just remember hearing Wuthering Heights on the radio when I was little. I remember thinking it was incredibly strange. It still is, but the strangeness is what makes it so damn good. I loved that book when I was younger and now I have to re-read it to be a discussant on an essay so the resdicovering of this song came at a perfect time.

    Also, have been listening A LOT to Morrissey. I am completely in love with him. He is so angsty and great and melodic and wonderful and such a great lyricist.

    Another man I've listened a lot to is Bryan Ferry ( with or without Roxy Music). There's just something about him that is so good. He is both understated and completely over the top at the same time. Favourite song at the moment has to be Dance Away.
  • Love Is The Drug

    Set 3 2007, 23h32 por spidrwegian

    I'm trying to avoid listening to 70s music all the time but I guess it's natural to keep going back to the music of our teenage years.

    Bought a Best Of Roxy Music compilation tonight, and so far I'm loving it especially the early stuff.

    I've never owned any track by the band before. I suppose that my own record buying didn't begin in earnest until 1976 and by then, well, the Ferry crossing into MOR territory had begun.

    Eighties tracks like Avalon or Dance Away were good radio hits but I much prefer the more experimental sounds of Street Life and especially Love Is the Drug which is also a great dance number.

    Reminds me of school discos. Oh yes.
  • Sunday II

    Out 31 2005, 4h41 por fakehand

    More than 5 this time.

    Give Judy My Notice (Speed Graphic EP)
    Hope Leaves
    Talk to Me, Dance With Me
    1979 (Moby mix) << ghost sex
    Some of the Parts
    Oslo In The Summertime
    La Vie Boheme B (Rent)
    Love Her
    Pick Up the Phone
    Love Heals (Rent)
    Slave to Love
    Dance Away
    Hey You

    The Pink Floyd track was a late addition. After seeing The Squid and the Whale on Saturday, it became impossible for me to neglect. Actually, because of this movie, a spark has been ignited between Pink Floyd and myself.

    Damnation was playing one night while I was looking at Kelli Garner pictures. "Hope Leaves" was like a nerve that went TWITCH. Needless to say, I played it on loop for about an hour.

    Having seen Thumbsucker, what, 6 weeks ago? The soundtrack still dilly-dallys around my playlist. I don't see it leaving anytime soon.