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  • "I want the world to know that Jamie broke my heart" - Yes, now some girl from Germany has an earworm.
  • Stumbled upon "Outside" by accident on YouTube. I'm surprised this guy isn't more famous. He's pretty good!
  • "...and i don't think he'd mind if you called just to tell him you love him." So true... ;D
  • and i'm worried that i'm fallin for you <3
  • i think im in love with this guy (:
  • I finally decoded what he wrote on my Album he signed. "Dear Josh, my handwriting is illegible" Like him even more now.
  • sounds great :)
  • join this group if you like chase coy at all :)
  • great lyrics
  • <3
  • Cool that you are here in the Bay =D And I really like your sound, music, Lyrics
  • Love his music.
  • i made out w/ a girl he had sex wiff
  • mmm:)
  • <33
  • "I'm such a romantic fool"
  • omg. i actually LOVE HIM!
  • i love him!
  • attracts scene chicks like wearing a perm to a coheed show
  • my 13 year old vag cant take all this excitement
  • falling for you , <3
  • Ronnie is truly amazing. <3
  • love him. <3
  • my day? seriously? lol, i like that :)
  • wow, now this is music. amazing..
  • this guy is so much better than that secondhand serenade crap
  • quite trashy__nevertheless great
  • Amazing. :)
  • ... so ghey
  • I love this guys voice :O
  • puts on an amazing show!
  • aw he's such an angel.
  • omg... ronnie! i am new to but have been a ronnie fan since '05... we bought his cd by mailing him a self-addressed envelope! haha. aww... wow. i love this guy!!!
  • i looooooooooooove this boy
  • falling for you<3 amazing....i love him<3
  • What's this I hear about him quitting the whole music thing?
  • this is the reason i love similar artist radio. great stuff!!
  • Check out Ronnie Day being featured on mtvU’s the Backstage Pass:
  • his show is so great and entertaining. love written at a reststop
  • Ronnie, you're awesome!
  • i saw him and hung out with him for a bit last night. nicest guy around.
  • He is just so amazing<3.
  • He was absolutely fantastic at Chain Reaction with DLD & Meg & Dia.
  • i agree with karlos. he sounds a lot better when he's acoustic.
  • sound* rather.
  • if you mix david melillo and dashboard confessional and andrew mcmahon into one, you kinda get a song like ronnie day. his story about jamie is incredibly powerful.
  • i was just listening to the previews, and noticed half moon bay is similar to outside in that the new production they did for it as a little weak. i dont know if acoustic is the word im looking for, it just sounds really over produced and it doesnt work in ronnies favour whatsoever. its a shame.
  • a soft acoustic rock i guess sums it up. most definitely check him out though. half moon bay, written at a rest stop and outside are great. although i noticed the outside on his album is different from what i heard a year ago. the old one had a lot more of an acoustic sound and was much better.
  • what's his style of music?


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