• Ocean of sound

    Fev 6 2010, 17h04 por fru-n-quiz

  • A Deck of Cards

    Jun 14 2009, 11h19 por Bertels

    Thu 11 Jun – 52 Spaces/Antonioni Film Season. Filmhuis, Den Haag.

    Coach Bertels and Coach Webber quit their boring work early to visit The Hague, a fucked up city behind the dunes. City of surveillance cameras, Sand sculptures and Motorcades. For some reason lots of inhospitality is always present in the downtown air. Bertels always considers the need to travel to this rotten place, like weighing his faith on a gold platter. Some times a year for a noise gig at The Villa, and just sometimes there’s something very special, so special indeed, that Coach Bertels HAS TO GO. Like the live performance of 52 Spaces by Scanner at the Filmhuis. “Oh, Heidi!” Both Coaches got their iron horses from the stables and made for the station where a train to the Political Dragon’s Den was already waiting. “What the heck! I spread my legs and put half a cucumber inside me” After several stops the train rests at The Hague Central and the Coaches eject into the city. …
  • solipsistic NATION No. 93: Nosaj Thing and Scanner, Live

    Jun 6 2008, 19h24 por solipsisticast


    When I relaunched solipsistic NATION as a podcast my only plan was to play for you the best of all genres of electronic music. But after a few weeks I realized that I could pursue the things I wanted to do but couldn’t do at the radio station I used to spin at. At first it was just doing interviews but that quickly grew to include documentaries about electronic music, showcasing artists and record labels, guest DJs and featuring recordings of live performances.

    The live shows have been a lot of fun because it gives me the opportunity to focus on a specific artist and hear music by them I might otherwise not know about.

    When I began the live shows I thought it was just something I’d do every once in a while but it has become a regular segment of solipsistic NATION. The only problem is that very few live sets are an hour long. Originally I’d pad out the show by adding a few studio recordings by the featured artist but then I got the brilliant idea (okay…
  • solipsistic NATION No. 86: Scanner

    Abr 18 2008, 7h42 por solipsisticast


    I've been trying to remember when I first came across Scanner (the stage name of Robin Rimbaud). I'm quite sure it was a compilation CD but I can't recall which one. No matter. What I do recall, however, was that the track featured recordings of phone conversations that he had snatched from the ether. At first I regarded it as a cheap gimmick. But I kept coming back to the track, listening to it over and over again as I wrestled with the complications of what the song meant.

    The conversation was compelling because of it's intimacy. It was simply two people talking, gossiping and joking, completely unaware that they were being recorded and, as far as I know, unaware that their conversation would be incorporated into a song. Despite Robin's unsettling soundscape the conversation had a warmth to it. It lent humanity to Robin's bleak music. Was this his commentary that we all can make the simplest connections with each other despite…
  • new SCANNER MySpace page

    Set 28 2006, 16h54 por PostEverything

    You can now find Scanner at the rather more sensible http://www.myspace.com/scanner URL so please update your links, browers, connections, etc so you can always find him there in future.

    Robin Rimbaud
  • SCANNER newsletter September 2006

    Set 2 2006, 14h35 por PostEverything

    September 2006


    With the skies getting darker and rainfall on the horizon I’ve been fortunate to spend much of the past working month in the outdoors sunshine, and indeed the month began and closed around the theme of nature.

    August began in collaboration with musician, composer, author and philosopher-naturalist David Rothenberg who plays clarinet with a band of birds and crickets and writes thoughtfully on the deep connections between humans and the natural world. I’d recommend his book ‘Why Birds Sing’ for an engaging and amusingly educational exploration of this very phenomenon, which the BBC are adapting for television broadcast and hence our collaboration, improvising around English bird song. Stay tuned for the broadcast and possible live performances later on.

    Jumping forward the month closed with discussions about re-designing the sound world of the Coney Island Aquarium in New York, so let’s see where the whales and dolphins will take us all on this adventure.
  • Scanner newsletter August 2006

    Ago 19 2006, 19h17 por PostEverything

    August 2006


    As I write this I’m sitting here in Greene County, upstate NY, at Wave Farm, in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, working on my Residency, living in a wooden cabin for the last week, surrounded by bees, deer and apparently a big black bear that dares not show his face or paws to me. It’s been an extraordinary adventure, far away from the big city, with an extraordinary outdoors live event, ‘Spectral Garden’ at the weekend, alongside Matthew Burtner and Nicholas Collins. An impressive electrical thunderstorm broke into the performances and with everyone running for cover just as I was about to begin. That’s not typical though.

    I presented 24/48, a new work that compressed an entire 24 hour day into just 48 minutes, offering both a speeded up picture of the locality and a chance to playfully suggest an idea of what we miss whilst sleeping, yet drawing attention to the minutiae of every moment.

    Whilst there I ventured down to Brooklyn for a night to perform at ISSUE Project Room…
  • SCANNER free CD offer

    Jul 28 2006, 18h32 por PostEverything

    Maybe its the heatwave we're having in London, but once more Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner, the busiest man in pop, has given us a box of CDs to give out to you boys and girls absolutely free whenever you purchase a release from his [url="http://www.posteverything.com/labels/label.php?id=2820]Bette listings.

    The giveaway in question is 'NightJam' a two track CD collaboration between Scanner and young people who have been homeless in London.

    "In early Summer 2006, Scanner invited young people at New Horizon Youth Centre in London's King's Cross to collaborate on a creative project that expresses how the city at night looks and sounds to their eyes and ears.

    Through music and voice the group explored the sense of freedom and fear, exhilaration and solitude of the concealing darkness. Between sessions, they captured their nights on camera. NightJam presents two elusive visual and musical journeys through the city’s ‘quiet’ hours.

    NightJam is a new commission for Artangel Interaction's Nights of London series of artist-led…
  • Sound Installation #35L - London 25-26 02 2006

    Fev 28 2006, 23h28 por FinnN

    Hmm, well a bit late with my weekly Sunday journal but I do like to live life on the edge! This week I'm going to outline the way I enjoy listening to glitch and other genres at the more extreme end of abstraction and minimalism.

    Last week I brought up the artist Asmus Tietchens as part of my journal, now to be honest that's probably a bit too abstract for me to genuinely enjoy but there's plenty of things that go beyond what you normally find in IDM that I can appreciate. How does one go about tackling music that most people find has nothing in common with what they enjoy? Obviously the answer is going to be very individual just like with any music but maybe this'll strike a chord with someone out there.

    Some years ago, something like 9 or 10 years, I went to an electroacoustic concert billed as some sort of multimedia event. In reality it turned out to be some badly filmed out of focus footage overlayed with the sounds of running water and chains being dragged over a floor and dropped. …