• Song Of The Day - 04 Aug 2008: It Don't Come Easy

    Ago 5 2008, 5h00 por sablespecter

    Ringo Starr / It Don't Come Easy / Apr 1971

    It's Beatles Week! Day 2: Richard Starkey a/k/a Ringo Starr, MBE
    (soucre: Boston Herald)

    I'll start my salute to the individual members with the oldest Beatle, who also always had the most sunny disposition of all of them!

    He might have felt like the bottom of the heap over in Europe, sitting behind leader John, "cute Beatle" Paul, and boyish George, but when they all came here, the American girls fell for his quirky humor and self-deprecating humor. How many screaming girls at those Beatlemania shows were wearing those "I Love Ringo" buttons?

    I always felt particularly bad for poor Ringo during the final days of The Beatles, especially when you look at all those pictures from the era of Let It Be, when no one could muster a smile behind all those long, haggard looks. All he wanted was to keep making all that magic Beatle music with his best mates, but you can see him realizing a split is inevitable…
  • 2008 So Far.

    Abr 24 2008, 23h32 por marwablues

    Ringo Starr - Liverpool 8
    Stop trying to find Lennon lyrical depth or Harrison musical beauty and take it for what it is. A wonderful man who loves music, getting together with some friends to make some fun songs. Yes there's going to corny references to past songs, particularly Beatles lyrics, but they're all part of the fun.

    This album marks a break from the tradition of the writing and producing of Mark Hudson, but only on the title track which is co-written and "over-produced" by Dave Stewart. The only disappointment for me is to not have Stewart on more of the album. But the other tracks aren't a letdown, with gems like For Love.

    Radiohead - In Rainbows
    This doesn't really belong here, as most of us have had this album since it became available online for whatever price you wished to pay. But its physical release started 2008 with a bang and has led me to awaken my Radiohead fan inside.

    I only ever bought Amnesiac, an album I adore, and was never very familiar with the rest of their output. …