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  • californication season 3 :D
  • Rick is great, though I know only a few of his songs....Jessie's girl(note Jessie is spelled in the female version),Don't talk to strangers,I've done everything for you. Rick and Linda Blair went out for a time.Rick has an unique way of playing guitar,like in Jessie's Girl video,he's moving his whole arm for a majority of the song.
  • Loved hearing Rick's story and his songs with Sound City. Seeing it again in Gainesville,FL at High Dive for free! THIRD TIME,Y'ALL!
  • When I first saw him in Californication, I thought he was not more than 30 years old.
  • Holy shit, is that fucking Rick Springfield?
  • Thanks for the new album !!! You just made me feel thirty years younger when I was playing 'Living In Oz' up and down. Great!
  • the new album is unfuckinbelievable GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
  • Songs For the End of The World sounds great. I'm glad for everything that is still Rock N Roll in this Dance crap era.
  • New album is his BEST since "Karma", and that was a highly underrated GEM. Fucking brilliant on this album!
  • I like Ricks new album, it sounds like some of todays alternative rock bands....
  • californication!
  • Jessie's Girl <3
  • Jessie's Girl ♥
  • californication
  • I thought he was like 50 late 40, but he is 61.
  • Californication, yesyes.
  • In Californicatin he has maybe 40 years old!!! In real he has 67!??? \wtf?
  • Californication, yesyes. [8]
  • ricky springfield......HE'S A BUDDY OF MINE!
  • Is that... Rick Springfield!?
  • fucking' Californication [10]
  • Rick Springfield is playing at the Quick Chek NJ Festival of Ballooning on Sunday July 25th! Got my tickets! SO pumped!
  • I LOVE THIS MAN!!!! :)
  • OMG Rick is playing at the NJ Festival of Ballooning!! Who is going NJ Mom's!?
  • Bien Rick Springfield...recuerdos y mas recuerdos To Love Somebody.....celebrate youth......grande Rick...!!!!!
  • Sweet.
  • Fuckin' Californication [8]
  • Fuckin Rick Springfield you
  • Fuckin' Boogie Nights
  • Californication, yesyes. [7]
  • "You better love somebody" in Californication (3x 08) xD Fuckin' Californication [6]
  • Californication! [4]
  • Californication!........
  • Californication! [2]
  • californication ;)
  • yeah! great show Teo!
  • Californication!
  • great
  • <3<3<3
  • Rick RULES - and ROLLS over that "other" RIck
  • de lo mejor del pop rock de los 80 ... mucha energía
  • freaking AWESOME
  • NOah, I love you :)
  • I met him on Saturday! Such a sweet man and an incredible artist. I can't wait to see him again.
  • Bop Til Ya Drop...
  • He is so awsome. =] i love the song "Jessies Girl"
  • great music♫♫♫ rick is the best, and so nice ♥♥
  • I wish my hair looked that good!!!!!!!!


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