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  • Avatar de extraordGntlmn
    straight smooooth... top down cruising
  • Avatar de jamesfamous
  • Avatar de jmj540
    I agree, it's not best to compare rappers with dead rappers, mostly if they don't deserve it.
  • Avatar de projectpat42066
    no no no never compare him to biggie eva. dont even put him in the same sentence as biggie smalls. there was only one biggie jus like there was only one pac.
  • Avatar de foreverice
    MELLOW MUSIC why dose it remind me of the WIZ
  • Avatar de ASAKiTE
    Hahahah I cant image Rick Ross hang gliding, that would be terrifying...and fuckin boss
  • Avatar de kks82
  • Avatar de lilylorraine
    his voice remind anyone else of biggie?
  • Avatar de hantzlala
    Smooth (2x)
  • Avatar de Bcather
    My theme music.


From my nigga Diddy view I think I see his vision too
Purple Rain over Central Park; chillin' with my goons
Big Pop's and Sade's, Cirocs and Chardonnay
My Cassie's sassy, so my penthouse's my balloon

Rick Ross - Letra de Super High


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