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  • Avatar de davidbowiegirl
    Good song
  • Avatar de white_lemur
    Good memories...Beautiful song.
  • Avatar de pitrafilla
    que bonita voz..
  • Avatar de silvasonicsurfa
    reneofz: "Maybe there´s someone waiting for me with a smile and a flower in her head" So beatiful! :D " Well, maybe not in her head, that would be a bit alarming maybe, but certainly in her hair........beautiful nonetheless
  • Avatar de LittleRabbitToo
    s'alright. Mel Torme is better
  • Avatar de fantastische
    i want to crawl inside this song and live there . . . .
  • Avatar de loptimistic
    Gahhh, simply beautiful.
  • Avatar de pogopatterson
    And I thought that he loved the dummy. Just shows how fickle love for an inanimate object can be :)
  • Avatar de Zoltanrah
    Wow this is superb...
  • Avatar de elizabethbryson
    Brilliantly written song - beautifully performed.
  • Avatar de JamesKmccann
    gets better with every play
  • Avatar de joely84
    This song is perfect in every way.
  • Avatar de blackfrido
    great voice! sounds close to Paul Buchanan of The Blue Nile
  • Avatar de Great_listener
    So, so, so pretty. Such a nice start to an album.
  • Avatar de jenovatrix
    capital-R Romantic.
  • Avatar de yakkowarner
    It just appeared on 'shuffle' , I'd forgotten how moving this song is, so very very melancholic (sigh)...
  • Avatar de joyapril
    like it
  • Avatar de hearditfirst
    How can you NOT like this champion music?
  • Avatar de alltheway49ers
    yes, very nice he is a very nice singer,,,
  • Avatar de ozzydogy
    Wonderful. A great talent.
  • Avatar de AgentJ001
  • Avatar de JamesKmccann
    super star (or he should be) fantastic
  • Avatar de meltonmr
    Pure, beautiful, undiluted genius. Have lived this song.
  • Avatar de chelstonallstar
    this is nostalgia personified.... glorious, spine-tingling, pathetic nostalgia
  • Avatar de lm525
    Means so much, just one of those songs, beautiful.
  • Avatar de LucyVanGiebel
    heart melting!
  • Avatar de adellealex
    Sheffield's best place to meet your lover- how true gilliananne
  • Avatar de JamesKmccann
    This has just got to make you cry. Fab
  • Avatar de paulybrett
    boooo hooooo......
  • Avatar de gilliananne
    Sheffield's best place to meet your lover...fab song!
  • Avatar de Jessica_Tania
  • Avatar de frol-love
  • Avatar de lenorazmelody
    Sheer f*&^% sadness..OMG have I landed in Euro corney lonliness??? FlamesOfAurora I'll take a good old..ol..old..whiskey
  • Avatar de FlamesOfAurora
    could you hand me over the whisky?
  • Avatar de sacama2009
    It makes me feel like a rainy window ... dreaming ... smiling ...
  • Avatar de AdrianMol3
    lovely song
  • Avatar de eiston
    Fascinating song!
  • Avatar de yolandafuertes
    cálida, elegante, perfecta
  • Avatar de TinyShrine
    Classic, classy, velvet.
  • Avatar de EdmRocha
  • Avatar de Bastard1
    Instant Christmas, for whatever reason.
  • Avatar de whyohwhyMM
    Such a vintage song. Love it.
  • Avatar de Elinxabella89
    love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar de spoonofmilk
    This'll be the first dance song for my wedding... which will hopefully be a long while away!
  • Avatar de ShadyAdy
    Agreed. Can't say enough about this song - simply flawless.
  • Avatar de mob61uk
    What a beautiful song.
  • Avatar de msears81
    Great song, first listen here.
  • Avatar de pablobunnyman
    mucha clase:)
  • Avatar de frode1974
  • Avatar de ikabupini
    give me a coat and a wam embrace...


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