• My Top 25 Songs of the Decade

    Dez 28 2009, 19h39 por Sonik_Villa

    I can truly say that in this decade, I was able to absorb so much music into my brain. In the 90's, R&B and Hip-Hop dominated my playlists, but jazz, house, downtempo, rock, salsa, merengue, mariachi, dance hall, roots reggae, & so many other genres made a tremendous impact on what I list to. In no particular order, here are my top 25 songs of this decade:

    Koop - Waltz For Koop (2001)
    Even though this song came out in 2001, I first heard this song in the spring of 2004. Being a fan of San Diego's Smooth Jazz 98.1, I was looking for more jazz music to listen to. On that same radio station, artists like George Benson, Mindy Abair, & Paul Hardcastle get a lot of air play. I then decided to look for more music on one of those digital cable radio stations. The electronica station caught my ear when I heard this one song in particular. It was then when this one song came on that featured some great vocals by Yukimi Nagano & a very…
  • Blessings to my fellow friend CrashPryor ..

    Out 31 2007, 17h50 por 2Serenity

    ***CrashPryor had an accout on here too. I just found this out:
    www.last.fm/user/CrashPryor and this was his main blog:

    Today, I found out the worse news in my history of bonding with people online in 11 years. One of my online pals over on MOG passed away. I had no idea. I just checked my account today and peeped over to him and saw the news. This is really distressing and sad to me. He was young too!

    Here is the official post of the news from the founder
    of MOG, David Hyman:


    This post was written up by my fellow mogger,
    Mike the Knife

    This was CrashPryor -- my online friend who died..

    Please let your family and friends know what communities you are in online.

    I am pretty much screwed in that respect because my family does not know where I am online so I am making a list for them; however they do not understand…