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  • uhm. did i hear them say pop-PUNK?!?!?!?! yeah, right.. wahey for pop-punk then. bah. hear what u want. but this is not punk
  • What is your definition of seeing out? I'll keep listening as long as the music inspires creativity out of me. That's why I love these guys. The only bad stuff they've written is on their self-titled debut.
  • lol @ this band
  • Anyone also thinks [group]Jesus rocks![/group]? We're looking for members!
  • Wait a stopped listening because they're Christian? ha.
  • This band pissed me off..I liked Be My Escape...downloaded some more stuff and was like oh sheet christian band! so I had to do one and not listen any more.
  • naaaaah, i don't like them that much...
  • Relient K annoys me.
  • wow- it really shines through- don't it ? ;)
  • relient K Rocks
  • That's funny. I don't remember arguing about anything. I think someone's grasping at straws because he knows that he's starting to look like a fool. I read what you wrote. Here from a friend or not, you did still seek to come here and get attention. I mean, it worked so brava, but that doesn't make it any less pathetic. See? THAT'S somewhat argumentative. But you're not reading this, right?
  • HAHAHAHA. Even read my comment? I didnt seek it out. Someone I know was listening to this crap. Dumbass...and saying silly boy somehow makes you mature? I didn't even bash god until she started annoying me, at first I just said the music was shit. Anyway, arguing over the INTERNET is retarded so you can look like idiots and reply when you know I'll never see it because you'll look so cool lol
  • Wow ... okay, seriously - someone seeking out a Christian band's page for the SOLE PURPOSE of bashing God is really pretty pathetic when you think about it. The only thing this guy is trying to get is attention and outrage. Or he just really has a lot of time on his hands. I'm thinking a combination of both. Silly boy. :-)
  • actually someone I know had listened to this crap and that is how I found it. You're the one commenting 5 times in a row so you can blow me :) so fuck you, fuck your god, and fuck jesus.
  • yeah seriously...people are so idiotic, actually beleiving in stupid can you get?
  • heh, fuck jesus
  • jesus save me jesus save, oh i live you so much damn, thats digusting
  • christian shit...
  • just love this band x)
  • awesome! XD
  • anyone going to the Vancouver show on friday?
  • is it possible for christian rock to be good????
  • no the number is how many people have listened to the song, so you could play that song 1000 times and itll only go up 1.
  • Just heard these guys today - sound good. What's their best stuff? I don't often believe these charts!
  • that would explain everything... whatever the reason, all reliank k songs rock!
  • Maybe someone just put that song on loop forever.
  • Why is Be my Escape ahead by so much? Their other songs are just as good if not better.
  • This week the trend, was to backstab every single one of my friends...
  • Yay Relient K!!!


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