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  • I am a fan since 1991 and I miss their "old style"...
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • They have the best album this "Reign in fear"
  • Been a big RAGE fan since around 99' ... Reading the comments below is interesting . I've always liked "Welcome to the other side" , "Black in Mind" and "Ghosts" . ... but after listening to "21" ... really enjoying it. Nothing wrong with the new stuff :/
  • Hi Rageheads :)
  • Finally, but maybe too late. I really like Victor's guitar playing and admire his contribution to the history of Rage, but Rage's power and originality have been always coming from the line-up changes. And to be honest, Speak of the Dead was their last album with sparks of originality and passion, from this point onwards, they were recording the same album over and over again. I hope some young blood recovers something from Peavy's original creative touch, something that would make another "alternative" power metal album, true follow-up to the ones they were creating in 90's.
  • - Peavy's comment on the situation. Doesn't look like new Rage lineup will be a reunion.
  • All the best to Smolski for his future career but I'm happy for the reunion if they come up with a new Missing Link
  • @Alzemarey, именно. Может, и не самого (мне лично еще нравится четверка 1994-99: Пиви, Фишер, Эфтимиадисы), но точно одного из.
  • Причём самого охеренного и ударного состава.
  • @Londonill какой развал, можно подумать, для Rage это впервой :-) что-то подсказывает, что на носу реюнион состава 90-х, выступающий сейчас под именем Refuge.
  • ставьте уже дату развала =(((
  • Many thanks to Victor for 15 raging years - it was awesome! Let's see what will happen next.
  • it was awesome show in Vladivostok, I iove you Victor Smolski ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Yeeee!! Great show in Minsk!!! \\m/
  • Yesterday's show in Minsk was ABSOLUTELY amazing!
  • what a band, how could I ignore them for so long time...? shame on me
  • one of the most underrated metal bands ever [9] True, very interesting stuff in here
  • everytime i head the chorus of "War Of Worlds" I just can't stop laughing
  • The Missing Link is incredible, probably my favorite 90s power metal release save for maybe Blazon Stone.
  • Interview with Victor Smolski (14/11/2009)
  • German review for the new album online at "The Soundchaser Archives" gets 8 out of 10!
  • True main pic
  • one of the most underrated metal bands ever [8]
  • The most consistent metal band imho
  • New album's coming this year. I'm not even surprised but I'm waiting :)
  • I drop on my knees. Track "Rage – Alive But Dead (Instr. Orchestra Version)" is amazingly beautiful
  • That was very promising power metal band, before they met Symphonic Orchestra of Prague :-(
  • First track by track video of LMO:
  • Trapped, great album. The only one. Bye.
  • @Tanmut Who cares about charisma? The only thing important is what I hear. And speaking about Victor, the guy blew me away once again!
  • HOLY SHIT!! Cleansed By Fire is fucking awesome! Epic song, just like in the good old days!
  • Schmidt era is the one, as for me
  • "pff... the last really great album was Black in Mind" I can't agree to that, Soundchaser is great, and the other ones before the recent one are at least good
  • LMO!!
  • .•*¨*•♫♪•<❤>_♪♫ॐ•_•ॐ♫♪+<❤>•♪♫•*¨*•.¸
  • German old school (1988) speed/thrash metal band: - S.D.I. - MEGAMOSH mosh mosh mosh mosh listen:
  • Soundchaser is just flawless
  • What's up with the "the last great album" thing? Why not just enjoy them?
  • =FULL MOON= respect. (=‘x‘=)
  • pff... the last really great album was Black in Mind
  • Underrated, indeed. But now, there's no essence. Rage had the charm of chameleon, Peavy's songwritting ability and great choice of band members have made Rage one of the most unique power metal band in the world. But his unspoken love to Victor (great guitar player though) killed Rage's charisma (at least for me). The last really great album was Soundchaser.
  • + Twenty One +
  • one of the most underrated metal bands ever [7]
  • <3
  • one of the most underrated metal bands ever [6]
  • Never-ending discography
  • An extremely fun band!!


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