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  • Started with Union & have to say I really like it. I always knew there was a Latin Metal Band who had to be better than others like Ill Nino or Nonpoint... these guys are way better. I'd heard Ankla before but I wasn't putting that together for some reason... this is much more my style.
  • Puya is also a romanian rapper. please add this to the description.
  • zgrubiliticii astia ar trebui sa-si schimbe numele! auzi tu la ei...cicā Puya!
  • No Hay Mal Que por Bien No Venga!!!! [2]
  • ¡¡Increíble Areyto!! ¡Ahora es que es!
  • salsa metal - lol
  • Amazng Band!!!! AMAZING!!!
  • No Hay Mal Que por Bien No Venga!!!!
  • One of the most underrated bands in history
  • He's romanian Pitbull <3
  • Puyaaaaa romaneasca so freshhhhh!
  • Como e que tu no ve que a ti te estan e durmiendo
  • puya en chile porfavor, areito ep es lo maximo!!!!!!
  • You are back!!! Amazing!!! Areyto mother f... ES PUYA !!! :)
  • Areyto Taino de la putisima madre!!! q bueno lo nuevo!
  • Ahora es que es, ni antes ni después!!
  • pepe-sama +1
  • Great to see the new EP's tracks are pretty much topping the charts, means plenty of people are checking it out and thoroughly enjoying it! Here's hoping another international record deal comes their way...
  • I don't have anything against the Roumanian rapper kid with the same name (although i find his music crappy, but let's put my opinion aside). I guess he didn't know there's a band in Puerto Rico playing salsa/metal/rapcore with the same name (and BTW they are awesome). My only problem is when i try to find similar bands (if there are any) here on lastfm, it only offers similar artists to the rapper Puya.
  • Wow! Their new EP Blew my mind! They sound better than ever. Aguante Puya carajo! \m/
  • Que gran regreso de esta banda con su nuevo Ep muy bueno Areyto
  • they are back?? good news
  • Also, the new live DVD can be now purchased worldwide from So if you were unable to buy it before due to the band's site only shipping domestically, now all you overseas customers can at last buy it!
  • Puya's new EP, Areyto ( is now available for retail-download from Amazon and iTunes! And it's utterly fantastic!
  • @mysecondtime, nu e vorba despre shitul de la noi, trezeste-te! Oricum e un mare rahat, manelist, nu rapper >___< Unde se intalneste rappul cu maneaua? Undeva in Balcani ;)
  • new EP is awesome!!!
  • AHAHAH agregaron a PUYA al grupo de la Juventus de Turín. Oye Sal pa´ fuera
  • Vengan a CHILE aguante PUYA mierda !
  • Puya regresó, este año saca disco!!!
  • I love this band. Long live Puerto Rico!
  • puya es REBUENO, y cosa buena de romania solo Dracula y Nergura bunget
  • puerto rico!!!
  • PUYA IS FROM PUERTO RICO. Fuck the rest of you, this band had been kicking asses since 1993.
  • Pretty good
  • Gruppo veramente incredibile... Unici... Sanno mescolare dei genere completamente diversi...
  • Epic wanker Puya from Rromania! he's a gay midget pornstar
  • METAL!!
  • METAL !
  • guys u have to fix this. there are 2 bands in one. i like both of them but please do something and fix it. AND ALL YOU ROMANIAN PEOPLE WHO POST HERE CAN'T YOU SEE YOU ARE MAKING ROMANIA LOOK BAD???? SHUT THE FUCK UP. e frumoasa romania da pacat ca e locuita
  • Fuck all you people. PUYA is only form Puerto Rico. PR Hardcore for your frutty asses.
  • v Frustratii astia...
  • Am rezolvat cu poza, sper ca se potriveste asta.
  • Guys fix this,there are 2 bands in one.
  • Votati ba o poza cu Puya, nu ca retarzii aia.
  • salsa metal-ce???? bai da ma leshi! Pune-i la pamant!
  • Puya... a ajuns sa cante un jeg de coca music... U SUCK !


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